Thomas Dupree

Thomas Dupree

Dupree has dedicated nearly 60 years to his legal career. A partner at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher since 1964, he has represented clients at trial and appellate levels as well as appearing before all 13 federal appellate courts and the Supreme Court.

Champion Jack Dupree spent his youth singing and boxing for spare change in the Storyville district of New Orleans bars – much like his contemporary Joe Pleasant.

Early Life and Education

Dupree was left an orphan at age eight. Throughout his early years in New Orleans bars, Dupree encountered an undocumented generation of barrelhouse pianists whose recordings survive only as anecdotes or through contemporary artists like Joe Pleasant.

Megginson worked at a lumberyard located near the Holiday Inn and later rented a house from Myra Boggs Payne, who owned rental houses. Megginson speaks of aspects of work within his community as well as long hours black workers often dedicate to their professions.

Tom was curious and adventurous, relishing every new challenge that came his way. His imagination was constantly stimulated by magic, monsters and science fiction as well as when artists created new worlds with words and images; Tom’s music reflected this wider perspective.

Professional Career

Dupree began his musical career performing on the club, concert, and festival circuits. In his earlier years he credits learning the most from older piano players who would allow him to sit in on their sets while studying their styles closely.

Dupree was one of the premier tight ends during his NFL career. He caught 267 passes for 3,565 yards and 42 touchdowns while also being an effective blocker and running for 178 yards on 28 attempts.

He has appeared as a guest commentator on national television and been quoted in many print publications, testifying before Congress on constitutional and separation-of-powers issues, as well as serving as deputy of his division, overseeing more than 900 attorneys across its civil appellate, commercial, federal programs and torts branches.

Achievement and Honors

John Daniel DuPree was an accomplished farmer, owning many thousand acres of fertile land. Additionally, he owned his own private gin, store, and water power mill as well as performing extensive charitable work in Pulaski County and adjacent counties to assist people start home ownership.

He was an outstanding educator, coaching in local schools for an extended period. Under his tutelage, his athletes won multiple Lone Star Conference championships and All-American honors.

He was a member of both the Baptist and Friendship Baptist churches in Hawkinsville, and an original charter member. Additionally, he held memberships in several social clubs as well as being active within various fraternal organizations (Mason/Shriner; K of P; Fraternities etc).

Personal Life

Thomas Dupree can frequently be found appearing as a legal analyst on national television shows such as O’Reilly Factor and Kelly File, CNN’s Situation Room, C-Span’s America & the Courts and others.

He has litigated before all thirteen United States Court of Appeals circuits and before the U.S. Supreme Court. Additionally, he specializes in complex litigation involving business, employment and constitutional matters.

Megginson speaks to Mr. Dupree about family life in his local black community. He recalls times when families lived together, working to support each other’s needs and digging their own wells if work became seasonal; often leaving washing utensils at wells and springs so anyone in need could use them.

Net Worth

Thomas Dupree is an accomplished litigator who has appeared on national television programs such as Fox News and CNN, as well as being quoted in print publications such as the New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

Mr. Jones is a partner at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher in Washington DC and co-chairs its nationwide Appellate and Constitutional Law practice group. He has successfully represented clients before federal courts throughout the country – including before the US Supreme Court – on over 70 appeals.

He graduated with honors from Williams College and received a clerkship with Honorable Jerry Smith of the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. As part of his private practice, he has represented both public entities and individuals on an array of civil litigation matters.

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