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Thomas Enright, Esq.

Tom hails from North Side Providence. Initially he began working with the Rhode Island Supreme Court trial court law clerk department. Later he went on to work at a firm representing large corporations. Now Tom brings both experience and youth energy to every case he handles.

Enright made significant contributions to the study of representations of reductive groups, which can be applied in number theory and physics. He co-authored an influential paper with Veervalli Varadarajan regarding this subject matter.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Enright was a prolific mathematician renowned for his contributions to the study of representations of reductive groups. His work was distinguished by its originality, innovative techniques, and technical virtuosity.

First from the North Side to be killed during World War I. He died alongside Private Merle Hay of Glidden, Iowa and Corporal James Bethel Gresham of Evansville, Indiana.

His family was composed of his two children: a son and daughter. He was an incredible grandfather to all his nieces and nephews who knew him, as a lifelong resident who retired as a salesperson from Goodyear Aerospace before enjoying golf and fishing as hobbies. All who knew him will mourn his absence deeply as all who knew him will miss their great friend in heaven with them now.

Professional Career

Thomas Enright was an accomplished financial professional with more than three decades of experience in banking and municipal bond markets. Known for his wide clientele and in-depth knowledge of municipal bond markets, Thomas also worked as fiscal officer for multiple local governments.

At Enright Law, Tom offers aggressive and experienced representation for employees who have been wronged by their employer. Leveraging his years of experience defending large businesses across Rhode Island, Tom seeks to maximize recoveries for his clients if any disputes arise between themselves and their employers.

Gartner research vice president Tom Enright keeps an eagle’s eye on retail supply chain strategies. When COVID-19 caused curbside fulfillment to emerge as a paradigm, he conducted extensive analysis on this emerging paradigm – his findings published as “Retail Curbside Fulfilment Allays Consumer COVID-19 Concerns.” Additionally, Tom is often quoted in industry commentary and speaks publicly on supply chain strategy topics.

Achievement and Honors

Enright was prolific during his lifetime, publishing numerous poetry collections and editing or authoring thirteen books of essays on subjects ranging from Colette Portal and Marcel Proust translations, coediting Encounter literary magazine for two years, acting as director for London publishers Chatto & Windus and teaching English literature at universities across Egypt, Japan, Germany Thailand and Singapore.

Anne Enright has played an essential part in Ireland’s contemporary literary renaissance. With seven novels, three short story collections and a memoir of motherhood under her belt as well as being awarded with significant international acclaim (her 2007 novel The Gathering being awarded with Booker Prize), as well as being known for translating French and German writers; her erudite puns and jokes permeate much of her work.

Personal Life

Tom Enright is an devoted family man, with three children of his own and an enormous passion for Buckeye football and Browns baseball – as well as jazz music, which he enjoys by joining Shamrock Club Pipe and Drum Corps.

His research is marked by originality, surprising methods, and technical virtuosity. He pursued numerous important problems in the theory of representations of Lie groups – specifically exploring irreducible, admissible, and unitary (highest weight) modules of semi-simple Lie groups.

Tom brings with him over a decade of experience at one of Rhode Island’s premier law firms defending some of the largest corporations around. As such, he understands how to maximize recoveries for his clients when engaging in disputes against employers or businesses, so as to achieve maximum compensation in disputes involving employers or businesses. With Enright Law now being founded to assist individuals enforce their rights against unscrupulous employers, telemarketers or debt collectors he strives to maximize returns for his clients’ disputes.

Net Worth

Thomas was an enthusiastic collector of model airplanes and historian. A charming conversationalist with vast knowledge to impart, Thomas was also a longstanding member of St. Patrick’s Church as well as its Pipe and Drum Corps (the Shamrock Club Pipe & Drum Corps). Additionally he belonged to both American Legion and Knights of Columbus.

Thomas has amassed an estimated net worth of over $558 thousand dollars as of 17 October 2017 as of owning 500 units of Espey Manufacturing & Electronics stock, which has seen significant revenue increases and value appreciation during the past two years – making this investment highly rewarding. Furthermore, Espey Manufacturing & Electronics is an established provider of electronic components as well as custom printed circuit boards manufactured and sold through various distribution channels.

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