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Tom Thomas and His Excel! Research Scholars Program

Tom holds a Master’s of Educational Administration and boasts over two decades of teaching and leadership experience. He currently serves as Director of Humanities at the Washington DC Goodwill Excel Center; additionally, he assists national partners as they open and operate The Excel Center with regard to professional engagement and model fidelity.

Early Life and Education

Tom hails from a small town in New Jersey with two siblings and an extensive support system. After graduating high school he attended Seton Hall University to study biology with an eye towards physical therapy as a pre-graduate focus. Together he and his wife now enjoy playing various forms of sport together – travel soccer to local youth teams.

Outside Fraction’s office are numerous smiling faces from her Excel! Research Scholars program. Many have gone on to graduate or doctoral degrees as a result of Excel! Research Scholars. She believes in its mission and is proud to support its hardworking staff and students who are making such an impactful difference. Khalilah Palmer serves as School Development Director for the National Excel Center Network; she collaborates closely with schools adopting its model so that GEI-provided curricular, instructional and model element materials are distributed among assigned schools.

Professional Career

Tom has extensive experience teaching Excel to large groups and individuals. He has helped countless people save both time and money while increasing work efficiency through the use of this versatile spreadsheet software. Tom caters to both seasoned professionals as well as nervous beginners in order to help them develop powerful spreadsheet skills.

At Yale law school, Thomas adopted increasingly conservative views and opposed affirmative action policies and government-mandated busing to integrate race. Following graduation he became more actively engaged with Republican politics while studying theories of natural law – an alternative system of rights and justice founded on natural processes rather than society – popular within conservative intellectual circles.

Outside Fraction’s office are photographs depicting students who have gone on to graduate and doctoral programs at some of the nation’s premier universities.

Achievement and Honors

Fraction’s reputation as an influential teacher is evidenced by her students graduating from her Excel! Research Scholars program with graduate and doctoral degrees – many times on full scholarships from some of America’s premier schools.

Shane Bruner, journeyman instrumentation technician specialist and Bret Price, senior systems support analyst were among those honored during Associated Electric Cooperative’s Thomas Hill Energy Center’s virtual 27th Annual Employee Recognition Awards Ceremony. These honors are peer-nominated to recognize staff for outstanding achievements in crafts, vocations and professions.

Nicole serves as Excel High School’s Registrar and oversees one of its busiest offices. She enjoys connecting with students online while providing support and motivation to ensure a rewarding high school experience.

Personal Life

Thomas quickly become active politically at Holy Cross, participating in rallies against the Vietnam War and advocating on their behalf at school. Additionally, he began studying conservative intellectual movements like natural law theory which holds that rights and justice derive from nature rather than society.

Thomas was hired into the office of Republican Missouri state Attorney General John (“Jack”) Danforth in Jefferson City where he expressed increasingly conservative views, such as opposing government-mandated busing for racial integration.

Thomas was subjected to intense scrutiny upon being nominated to the Supreme Court in 1986, due to allegations from Anita Hill alleging sexual harassment; consequently, Senate Judiciary Committee hearings were held regarding these claims.

Net Worth

Thomas is a powerful example of how determination and focus can lead to success. She has let nothing stand in her path from college studenthood to becoming a professional athlete while inspiring young people to follow their own dreams.

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