Thomas Flanigan

Thomas Flanigan

Thomas Flanigan was laid to rest at home surrounded by his loving family. He leaves his children Erin & Marek Barwinski, Patrick & Kristina Flanigan as well as many grandchildren and great-grandchildren behind.

His loved ones decided to create an amusing obituary, which went viral. They believe he would have enjoyed reading it.

Early Life and Education

Flanagan was raised in Greenwich, Connecticut. He attended Amherst College before going on to earn a doctorate at Columbia University under Lionel Trilling’s direction. Following this experience he taught Irish literature courses at University of California Berkeley until retiring specializing in Irish studies as a professor there for over twenty years.

John Parker was married to Jane Parker and fathered two children. An avid Stargate fan, John frequently visited Ireland where he formed friendships among many writers there and wrote several important scholarly works on Irish literature and history.

After spending part of 1954 with the Chicago White Sox, Flanagigan was selected by the St. Louis Cardinals and spent 1957 pitching as a relief pitcher between Indianapolis of Triple-A American Association and Louisville Colonels before eventually being traded back.

Professional Career

Tom Flanigan was an attorney specializing in corporate transactions and business law, representing both local businesses and public institutions as clients. His services ranged from contract drafting and negotiation to tax reports preparation and other financial documents preparation.

After his short stint with Memphis Chicks, the White Sox sent him to Indianapolis of Triple-A American Association where he won 9 games while fighting to keep his arm healthy.

On May 10, 2021 at the age of 88 in Florence, Kentucky he passed away, leaving behind his wife Marilyn as well as two sons and daughters and their spouses as well as three grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Flanagan was born in Greenwich, Connecticut to Irish immigrant grandparents. He attended Amherst College before matriculating at Columbia University where he later earned a PhD. As well as publishing numerous scholarly works he also made contributions to Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine while acting as lecturer and professor at University of California Berkeley.

His novels earned critical acclaim, such as “The Tenants of Time” and “The End of the Hunt”. One critic observed that although he doesn’t belong among Yeats and Joyce, he seems comfortable being around them.

He leaves behind his beloved wife of 62 years, Marilyn “Pudgy” Flanigan of Westborough; their children – Thomas with Cheryl from Worcester; Gregory with Debbie from Webster; Glenn with Sharon of Westborough and Mark with Judy of Shrewsbury as well as their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Personal Life

Tom leaves behind six children: Michael (Lori), David, Patti (Mike deceased) Petit, Mary (Kevin deceased) Fenske and Tom Flanagan; his sister-in-law Norma Peeters; brothers-in-law Leon and Kenneth Konrad; as well as ten grandchildren Grace Shawn Garrett Kelsey Jeremy Shanda Sara Kyle and Kyle Konrad are left to mourn his passing. Additionally he leaves many friends and acquaintances behind who will miss him dearly.

He was well-known in his community and online for sharing words of wisdom for the coming year in his New Year’s letters, along with humor that often included criticism for those spreading misinformation regarding Moderna mRNA shots, particularly flu vaccine. Additionally, he supported public education and the Republican Party throughout his life and belonged to both Carthage and Carl Junction Chambers of Commerce.

Net Worth

He has amassed an impressive net worth, which he credits to his primary career as a politician and investments in various stocks & assets.

He was a loving husband and father who treasured his family. He leaves behind his wife Meagan and son Cormac Flanagan as well as his parents and siblings, grandchildren Erin & Marek Barwinski as well as great-grandchildren Ryan Flanagan, Alia Poppy Barwinski along with several nieces & nephews.

Tom Flanigan was born April 27th in Carthage. At 66, he stands 1.7 metres and weighs 78 kg. With black hair and brown eyes, as well as having an athletic body and scars on both arms he has gained the moniker Glasgow Grin.

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