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Thomas Fretwell – Engaging People of All Ages on Gospel and Apologetics Issues

Thomas Fretwell is an engaging speaker on various biblical and apologetics topics, particularly his passion for reaching the iGeneration through Genesis.

He is an accomplished musician and entrepreneur, having founded Fretwell Bass in Staunton, Virginia. Additionally, he has written multiple books related to music and family genealogy.

Early Life and Education

Thomas initially focused his early years on getting into a Catholic seminary to pursue his goal of becoming a priest, yet felt increasingly frustrated with its passive stance on civil rights issues and decided to drop out and pursue politics instead.

Thomas the Tank Engine can often get himself into difficulty by doing things that should be left for more mature and sensible engines to handle, but his determination never wavers – soon he’s back bustling around on the railway and his branch line!

Since meeting Thomas three decades ago, Crow has bestowed gifts and funded projects that advance Thomas’ religious and political viewpoints. However, Crow claims they have never discussed pending Supreme Court cases that might influence Thomas’ decisions.

Professional Career

Thomas Fretwell is an engaging speaker who educates audiences of all ages on Gospel and various apologetics issues. He is accredited as an associate speaker by Creation Ministries International, as well as being a tutor in theology at Kings Evangelical Divinity School UK.

He graduated from Smithtown High School East, St James, New York and went on to receive his Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York. Later he obtained a master’s degree in business administration, Management, and Finance at Averett University Danville Virginia.

He is the proud parent of Sam Turner Fretwell and Kailey Shea Fretwell, both attending Towson University, Maryland. In his spare time he enjoys building and flying radio-controlled airplanes as well as teaching his son and daughter piano and guitar respectively. Additionally he frequently entertains residents at local senior centers and nursing homes.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Fretwell holds both B.Th and M.A. degrees in Theology and is currently conducting Ph.D research in Jewish-Christian studies. Additionally, he serves as tutor in Theology at King’s Evangelical Divinity School as well as being accredited with Creation Ministries International to speak on biblical and apologetics-related topics.

Fretwell has been instrumental in spearheading innovative programs at Amherst designed to increase socioeconomic diversity while simultaneously working toward ensuring low-income students admitted to the college graduate at an equal rate across academic disciplines. He serves on various educational and charitable organizations’ boards of trustees.

Fretwell will take over for Tom Parker who is retiring after 15 years at Amherst College. Fretwell lives with his wife and two children in East Sussex.

Personal Life

Thomas lives in the south-east of England with his wife and two children. He serves as pastor at his local church as well as an associate tutor in theology at Kings Evangelical Divinity School (UK). Additionally, Thomas enjoys engaging with people of all ages on topics related to Christianity such as “Who am I: Human Identity in an Uncertain World and Reaching the iGeneration with Genesis”.

Peter Fretwell and John Fretwell immigrated from Derbyshire, England, to America under the supervision of Richard Fretwell (a well-known Quaker evangelist). According to Laurence Fretwell in his book “The Fretwell Pedigree Vol 1, Part 5,” these brothers left to study American Quakerism under his tutelage.

They travelled on board the Shield of Stockton from Hull. Alongside them were several others planning to settle in America.

Net Worth

Thomas Fretwell is a prolific author and speaker. His writing includes several books on Bible topics and apologetics. Additionally, Thomas contributed articles to King’s Evangelical Divinity School’s Jewish-Christian Study Center as a contributing author. With an academic and professional background that spans theology, history, and culture, Thomas Fretwell stands as an authority on various subjects related to these fields.

His loved ones include his wife Justine, his children Liza Jane and Wyatt Mason, parents Leanne and Thomas Fretwell, sister Kristine Russell, nephews Spencer Oliver Sawyer as well as other family members and many close friends.

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Aaron takes an in-depth look into an idea floated on NPR’s This American Life by Princeton historian Elaine Pagels that Jesus’ death on the cross was an “utter failure”. Aaron then consults scholars Thomas Fretwell and Wavey Cowper who bring revelatory insights and historical context.

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