Thomas Gignoux

Thomas gignoux is a two-dimensional animator working on feature films and personal projects. Additionally, he runs a small online shop selling art prints and delicate paper decorations.

He founded Data Measurement Corp. in 1962 to produce computerized measurement systems. Now with headquarters and factories located in Gaithersburg, Maryland as well as offices across Britain, France and China.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Gignoux was born in France and attended Ecole Normale Superieure de Grenoble before earning a master’s degree from Harvard University. Moving to Washington in the 1950s, Thomas became a member of both Metropolitan Club of Washington and Kenwood Country Clubs; also enjoying catamaran sailing, windsurfing, skiing and mountain climbing activities as an avid outdoorsman.

Gignoux was greatly influenced by the Hudson River School and Asher B. Durand’s works, yet his paintings stood apart from those produced by other members of the group. Gignoux held great respect for European traditions of painting which he instilled into his pupil.

James was married twice and had six children. Today he works for an attorney firm in Washington D.C.

Professional Career

He served as Senior Director for the Home Insurance Company of New York as well as on its Board of Trustees for All Saints Church in Great Neck and Brooklyn City Hospital, and donated generously to Industrial School Brooklyn and Eye and Ear Infirmary of Brooklyn.

He has worked in numerous countries and was part of the Millennium Challenge Corporation “Threshold” program office support team in twenty or more nations. Additionally, he founded Transport World Africa business magazine as founding editor.

He spends his free time dressing gentlemen in tailored suits, shirts and ties for Wm. Fox & Co, an esteemed Washington DC haberdashery. Additionally, he travels extensively to discuss Africa’s logistics bottlenecks with CEOs; during one trip to Mozambique he witnessed first-hand that high transport costs in Africa are hindering African products from competing globally.

Achievement and Honors

Green Mountain Union High School hosted their senior awards night on Friday, June 8. Noelle Gignoux and Sadie Wood were recognized with valedictorian and salutatorian titles respectively and received plaques as well as an award valued at $1,000 each.

Gignoux CR, Torgerson DG, Pino-Yanes M. Uricchio LH Galanter J Roth LA Eng C Thakur N Oh SS Winkler CA Seibold MA and more have participated. Cancer Res. 2012;67(13):4211-9

Frederick-Evelyn GIGNOUX married Sophie MATTHIESSEN (see 5135 and 5192). Claude-Thaddee GIGNOUX Junior was born around 1861 but died while still young. Harriet CHRISTMAS married Henry AUDIBERT; their union resulted in one child and ultimately her death in 1883 – while Henriette-Placide-Anastasie GIGNOUX also had two offspring from this relationship with Henry AUDIBERT who also gave birth.

Personal Life

Gignoux is also active in several community and charitable organizations. He has made generous donations to All Saints Church and Brooklyn City Hospital in New York; furthermore he is an ardent supporter of the arts, serving on several art institution boards.

He enjoys outdoor pursuits like catamaran sailing, windsurfing, skiing and mountain climbing – activities which he regularly participates in through membership with Metropolitan Club of Washington and Kenwood Country Club.

His daughter Elizabeth Gignoux was born in 1874 and later married Gerard Christmas Gignoux of New York; together they had four children and lived there together. Additionally, Claude Gignoux served in both Nevada’s House of Representatives and Senate while also becoming a sabre champion.

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