Thomas Gravina

Thomas Gravina

Thomas Gravina has become known for turning underperforming companies into some of the industry’s most profitable operations. He serves as chairman of Evolve IP, an emerging cloud services company; as well as founding member and past president of CoreComm.

He and his wife, Tracey, are avid philanthropists who support numerous charitable causes. Together they have two children named Gigi and Parker.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Gravina serves on the Board of Trustees at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine as a member and serves on its Finance, Audit, Executive Compensation Committees as well as chairing its Foundation Committee and board. Additionally he sits on Herb It Forward Foundation board.

Gravina led his Western Leathernecks team to an unprecedented run of victories during the 2020-21 season and made program history in several ways. For instance, this marked the first time ever in school history that a fifth-seeded team won a Summit League tournament game and set an all-time scoring record with Ashley Luke becoming their all-time leading scorer.

He and his wife, Tracey, established the Thomas and Tracey Gravina Family Foundation to help philanthropic causes. Both Thomas and Tracey Gravina are actively engaged with their community and raising socially aware children who will carry forward the family tradition as they enter professional careers.

Professional Career

Thomas Gravina has built an illustrious career spanning two decades in business. His business acumen has propelled his companies into some of the highest-capitalized in their industries.

Gravina cofounded Evolve IP with cofounder Michael Peterson in 2007 and remains involved today, playing an instrumental role in turning it into one of the nation’s fastest growing cloud service providers. His management expertise includes overseeing mergers and acquisitions, setting business goals and realizing financial and technical success.

Philanthropic endeavors of note include his strong support of Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine’s five health care centers operated under its auspices, serving on its board, chairing its nominating and corporate governance committee as well as overseeing FS Global Credit Opportunities Fund.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Gravina serves as Executive Chairman of Evolve IP and GPX Enterprises, two private investment firms focused on real estate, manufacturing, software, consumer health technology and cloud technology. Additionally, Thomas serves on the boards of Center City District Foundation and Herb It Forward among other non-profit organizations.

Thomas and Tracey Gravina Family Foundation supports organizations providing basic human services, including food and shelter, youth development, education, wellness and community building.

Couple have instilled social consciousness and generosity into their children; Thomas Jr is set to graduate Villanova University in 2020 while Giovanna and Parker, twin daughters currently attending Penn and Wake Forest universities respectively, respectively, remain seniors in these institutions.

Personal Life

Thomas Gravina uses both his business acumen and personal philanthropy to give back. Together with wife Tracey, they have raised twin children Giovanna and Parker to be socially conscious young adults; Giovanna now volunteers for organizations in her community while Parker plans on embarking on humanitarian journeys himself.

Gravina currently serves as executive chairman for Evolveip Holdings LLC and founder of two private equity firms GPX Realty Partners LP and GPX Enterprises LP, both with interests in real estate, manufacturing, software, consumer health IT cloud technologies and financial services. He previously held vice chairmanship on Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine Board of Trustees before becoming chairman in 2015; additionally he sits on its Board as vice chairman as well. Furthermore he sits on FS Investment Corporation a New York-listed business development company along with its FS Energy Power Fund and Global Credit Opportunities Fund as well as sitting on its Board and sits on its Board with both of its subsidiaries;

Net Worth

Thomas Gravina serves as Executive Chairman for Evolve IP, a cloud technology company serving commercial clients throughout the US and internationally. Additionally, he founded and chairs GPX Enterprises as an investment company with holdings in real estate, manufacturing software consumer health management as well as cloud technology.

He and his wife Tracey have raised their three children to be socially conscious young adults with strong philanthropic spirits, instilling these traits in all three. Thomas Jr will graduate Villanova University this June; Giovanna and Parker are seniors at Penn and Wake Forest respectively – serving their communities while taking an active part in the family foundation.

Gravina serves on the Board of Trustees at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine as Vice Chairman since 2015 and as Trustee since 2003. Additionally, he is a director at FS Investment Corporation (an NYSE-listed business development company).

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