Thomas Helton

Thomas Helton is a Family Practitioner

Thomas Helton has 23 years of experience as a Family Practitioner. He attended George Washington University before starting Thomas M Helton MD in Murfreesboro, TN.

Bassist Helton is an accomplished performer of contemporary music in both solo recitals and chamber ensemble settings. His concerts have been sponsored by both Chicago Consortium of Composers and Wisconsin Composers Alliance; in addition, he has recorded for Navona, Centaur Elf & Innova Records.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Helton has provided Murfreesboro residents with comprehensive health care for over 10 years. Specializing in comprehensive services for people of all ages he offers regular checkups and tests as well as consultation on leading healthy lives.

Helton attended Emory University from 1989-1993, earning a Bachelor’s of Biology. From 1995-1998 he studied physiology at North Carolina State University.

As well as performing as a bassist, Helton has composed music for large and small ensembles. His works have been performed at several acclaimed venues and schools throughout the US. Furthermore, Helton has released three CDs featuring his compositions and improvisations: Doublebass (2003), Experimentations in Minimalism (2004) and Saga (2006).

Professional Career

Thomas Helton has over 22 years of experience practicing family medicine in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and graduated from George Washington University in 2000. Currently he practices at Saint Thomas Rutherford Hospital as well as being affiliated with it.

Helton has conducted extensive research on inheritable risk factors of voltage-gated Ca2+ channels associated with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, in addition to helping understand neuronal synaptic diversity dynamics across disease states.

Helton has performed in several avant-garde settings with musicians such as Tim Hagans, Clayton Thomas and others. His piece Black Rain (2005) for guitar, string bass and percussion was featured at the 2006 FotoFest Biennial dedicated to The Earth and Artists Responding to Violence. Additionally he recorded with Core Trio and is featured as bassist on several DVDs.

Achievement and Honors

Helton earned numerous academic accolades during his academic career, such as receiving the Jim Tatum Award as top student-athlete from the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC). Furthermore, Helton maintained an outstanding 3.64 GPA while studying psychology with a minor in theater at Brigham Young University.

His performance as both bassist and composer has earned him international renown. His compositions have received honors from Houston Arts Alliance and DiverseWorks Art Space; additionally he has recorded compact discs with some of the greatest jazz artists around and received reviews both here in America and Europe.

As a leader, Helton has served on Grambling State University’s Board of Trustees and Earl Lester Coles Honors College as well as actively volunteering at their food bank and participating on boards that aim to enhance Grambling.

Personal Life

Thomas Helton combines his baseball success with travel, music, philanthropy (he works with RIP Medical Debt to assist those in need), avid fandom (collecting rare baseball memorabilia), and travel.

Helton began 2004 strong, hitting 14 home runs while batting.302. Unfortunately, however, Colorado struggled as a team and finished fourth in the National League West. On May 1, he notched his first three-homer game at Denver against Montreal Expos.

Helton performed in 2008 as part of a collaborative project with videographer Jonathan Jindra of that featured concerts at various industrial settings. Additionally, Helton has toured the East Coast with Odd Gravity; its three members being bassist Michael Formanek and steel guitarist Susan Alcorn.

Net Worth

Todd Helton has cemented himself in baseball lore as one of Colorado Rockies’ primary figures and an icon. His dedication has not only left an enduring legacy behind but has also seen significant financial rewards from his efforts on the diamond.

Helton brings vast global executive leadership experience in areas including strategy, finance, talent management, accounting and control, treasury investments and information technology. He holds both a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from University of Kentucky as well as an S.M. in business administration from MIT’s Sloan School of Management with dual majors in finance and planning & control – two areas in which he excels.

Thomas Helton can be found listed in the 1840 Burke County census of North Carolina as our Cherokee ancestor. To uncover additional public records data about Thomas Helton, run a reverse phone lookup.

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