Thomas Jahanian

Thomas Jahanian Endowed Scholarship at Duquesne University

Thomas Jahanian was a kindhearted individual who always put others before himself. He found great satisfaction connecting with people through philosophy, music and political discussion.

He was an esteemed father, son, husband, friend, and community leader who will be sorely missed by family, friends and numerous acquaintances alike. Many individuals have offered their sympathies to his family while many more remain concerned over what may have caused his demise.

Early Life and Education

Thomas was an insightful intellectual who deeply loved philosophy – an interest which he pursued at Duquesne University. To honor him and continue his legacy of learning, his family established a scholarship at Duquesne (opens in new window) in his name to benefit students who share this passion for academia.

He was deeply committed to cultivating an academic community of scholars and students united in their quest for academic excellence. As provost and chief academic officer, he launched numerous projects and initiatives designed to enhance student experiences.

His deep compassion was one of the hallmarks of his character. As a teacher, he often went out of his way to support his students – one of his close friends at Duquesne University was Jacqueline Gample who recalls how often he would go out of his way to ensure she understood material covered during class sessions.

Professional Career

Dr. Jahanian served as Director of the National Science Foundation’s Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering from 2011-2014, overseeing initiatives and public-private partnerships such as US Ignite and I-Corps programs.

He contributed to the development of Internet security solutions that safeguard networks against attacks such as distributed denial-of-service attacks, routing exploits and zero-day threats. These systems are deployed by hundreds of Internet Service Providers, wireless carriers and cloud service providers globally.

Friends and colleagues remember Thomas Jahanian for his sparkling wit, deep intellect, and remarkable capacity for connecting with people. He left an indelible mark on those he encountered along his journey; thus the scholarship established by his family at Duquesne University will honor this legacy. They extend their gratitude to the bystander who called 911 as well as rescue teams that responded immediately after an incident occurred.

Achievement and Honors

Duquesne University recently received an endowed scholarship fund in Thomas Jahanian’s name to support students pursuing music, philosophy and international relations as their passions. This gift will create a scholarship fund in his name.

Jahanian has earned numerous honors for his research and entrepreneurial endeavors, such as the National Science Foundation CAREER Award, University of Michigan College of Engineering Teaching Excellence Award, and DARPA Innovation Award. His pioneering work on Internet routing stability and security has greatly influenced routing policies employed by Internet Service Providers globally.

Friends and colleagues remember him fondly as an extremely generous individual, with an impeccable sense of wit, intelligence, and profound compassion for others. Many recall his passion for CMU athletic competitions and student-run service events; these memories echo throughout CMU.

Personal Life

Thomas Jahanian was 28 years old at the time of his death. He was the son of Carnegie Mellon University president Farnam Jahanian and Tris; he had an older brother Dan as well as younger sister Sara.

Jahanian was a dedicated supporter of CMU, dedicating much of his time connecting with students, professors, staff and supporters alike. Known for his generosity and kindness, he would frequently attend student athletic competitions and service events – often helping people enter dunk tanks at carnivals!

Arbor Networks was widely recognized for their contributions to Internet stability and security. He played an essential role in making DDoS attacks harder to launch while harder to detect.

Net Worth

Farnam Jahanian and Tris, Thomas’s parents, also raised Dan, his elder brother, and Sara, his younger sister. Thomas was known to be kind-hearted and cared deeply about making connections through philosophy, music or politics – qualities he showed throughout his life.

Thomas was also an active philanthropist, supporting numerous Pittsburgh organizations and projects with both time and money. To honor Thomas’ memory, his family made a donation to Duquesne University that will establish a scholarship supporting students interested in his interests of music, philosophy or international relations.

Thomas Jahanian remains relatively unknown, with very limited information regarding his personal life available to us. It is known that he was the son of a college president; this fact makes many curious as to the reason behind his passing and how his father is dealing with this tragedy.

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