Thomas Jarboe

Thomas Jarboe

Thomas Jarboe of the University of Washington has made significant strides in fusion energy research. Specifically, he is working on designing an automated current drive for spheromaks which would represent a major step towards practical fusion power production.

He is not known for any criminal history and is being held on $2.5 Million bail pending his hearing next month.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Jarboe was born August 23rd 1945 in Paxton, Illinois to three brothers and one sister. After attending the University of Illinois where he earned an undergraduate degree in Engineering Physics, Thomas joined Olin Matheson before going on to work with Los Alamos National Laboratory’s controlled fusion research division.

Cherry Creek filed suit against Jarboe in January 2018, alleging that branches he managed accumulated net losses. Cherry Creek contends it has an entitlement to recover these losses under Mhoon factors and similar mechanisms.

Jarboe has also made contributions outside his professional life by serving on various boards and committees such as BRAC Business Initiative in Howard County, the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association and World Trade Center Institute. Furthermore, he teaches international business classes for US Military Veteran Institute of Procurement while helping military-related companies enter foreign markets.

Professional Career

As a board member for the William & Mary Alumni Association, Jarboe helped to foster an alumni community committed to student scholarships and academic research. She promoted For the Bold campaign while spearheading fundraising efforts for its renovation.

Prior to joining AIRtec, Jarboe worked for PRMI where he managed 25 branches that PRMI owned through an LLC he managed on their behalf. Cherry Creek offered Jarboe employment with them in November 2015 and accepted their offer, at which point PRMI transferred operations of all its branches over to Cherry Creek on that date and consequently claimed losses as a result of this transfer of operations.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Jarboe has accomplished many noteworthy accomplishments throughout his professional and philanthropic careers. He serves on several organizations’ boards of directors including BRAC Business Initiative in Maryland, Baltimore Council for Foreign Affairs and Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association; in addition to leading instruction at Veterans Institute of Procurement to help US Military Veteran entrepreneurs access international business opportunities.

He has participated in multiple plasma research projects at the University of Maryland, such as Helicity Injected Torus (HIT) program research that is critical to making practical fusion energy possible.

He has served as a trustee of the YMCA of the National Capital Area and Leadership Maryland, receiving their UDM Honors Alumni Medallion award in recognition of their dedication and support of William & Mary University.

Personal Life

Jarboe’s music is dark and avant-garde, looking forward to the promise of a darker, more potent tomorrow. She has been an instrumental force in creating new forms of challenging yet beautiful music.

She was also an accomplished vegetarian weight-lifter and artist, creating sound installations for art galleries. Her physical strength also came in handy while roadieing for bands like Swans, carrying heavy amps up stairs while helping mitigate issues of sexism on stage.

Police reported that 75-year-old Thomas Jarboe called 911 and confessed to shooting his caregiver Kay Saw, 63, with a 12-gauge shotgun in their Bellevue home. According to him, having Parkinson’s disease and advanced amnesia caused him to shoot Saw in self-defense.

Net Worth

Professor Emeritus Paul Saw, 75 years old, shot Kay Saw 63 years old using a 12-gauge shotgun in their Bellevue home and claimed it was self-defense when calling 911 for assistance.

He is an active participant of the BRAC Business Initiative in Howard County, the Baltimore Council for Foreign Affairs, and Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association; additionally he serves on the Board of AIRtec Aviation Technology Company based out of Southern Maryland.

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