Thomas Jasper

Thomas Jasper Fuller

Tom Jasper is an experienced project manager in Charleston who has overseen multiple multifamily and high-end residential projects as well as designed and overseen commercial developments.

He currently serves as the Managing Partner of Protagonist Path LLC and was previously employed at TCF Financial Corporation as a senior executive.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Jasper Fuller was born February 8, 1965 in Midwest City, Oklahoma. He passed away November 18th 2022 in Tucson Arizona after leaving behind two children – Michael and Samantha as well as his sister Martha; nieces, nephews, cousins, and many friends to mourn his passing.

Christopher has extensive experience in multifamily and high-end residential design in Charleston. Additionally, his skill set encompasses sketch art, music composition and carpentry skills he often incorporates into his designs.

Tom and Jerry is an iconic animated duo that began life as the titular characters from a 1940 MGM short film called “Puss Gets the Boot”, marking its introduction into popular theatrical cartoon series such as Tom & Jerry theatrical cartoon series.

Professional Career

Tom Jasper brings extensive expertise to various financial and derivatives markets. As a former senior executive of Salomon Brothers and its successor companies, where he established an interest rate swap business and oversaw credit derivatives trading, as well as serving as Chairman of Andy Jasper Co, an independently operated family firm involved in metal fabrication and distribution, Tom has proven his worth time after time.

Jasper spent two seasons with the Tribe, averaging 18.2 points per game (982 total). During that time he earned himself the CAA men’s basketball Player of the Year honor. Ben Pomeroy joined Jasper on their Tribe roster. Additionally, Jasper served as both teacher and coach at Elk Garden High School and Potomac State College.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Jasper has accomplished much in a short amount of time. A DJ since age 12, Thomas’ hard work and dedication have resulted in becoming one of the premier performers in his field.

He played 54 games during his two years at William and Mary and averaged 19.0 points per game – fifth best all-time at their school.

He currently sits on the boards of three non-profit organizations and as trustee of Blackstone Real Estate Income Master Fund Cayman Ltd, as well as being an advisor for Primus Credit Arbitrage BV in Netherlands which offers expert arbitration for complex financial disputes typically related to derivatives.

Personal Life

Thomas Jasper founded International Swaps and Derivative Association during his career, acting as both founder and Chief Executive Officer for several companies. Additionally, he served as managing partner of Manursing Partners LLC before serving on several Blackstone GSO funds’ boards; these included Senior Floating Rate Term Fund; Long-Short Credit Income Fund; Strategic Credit Fund.

Jasper is not only an accomplished businessperson but is also a dedicated family man with three children, two stepchildren, and eight grandchildren. Additionally, he enjoys tinkering on vintage cars, motorcycles, and boats in his free time.

He spends his free time entertaining audiences by performing magic shows. He practices up to 10 hours every day. His belief is that hard work and commitment can accomplish anything.

Net Worth

Frank Cuesta’s work as a herpetologist has enabled him to amass considerable wealth. Additionally, he has appeared in various movies where he earned royalties for his roles. Frank enjoys traveling and dining out.

Sisecam Resources LP is another of his shares; he has made over four trades of this stock according to Form 4 filings with the SEC, most recently purchasing 2,500 units of Blackstone Senior Floating Rate 2027 Term Fund on 13 September 2023.

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