Thomas Kandler

Thomas Kandler of Ricci Law Firm Injury Lawyers in Greenville specializes in workers’ comp and personal injury law for plaintiff cases at Ricci Law Firm Injury Lawyers and holds his legal training at The University of Maryland School of Law.

He leaves behind his wife of nearly 37 years, Judy Kandler; two sons Jack and Michael; three grandchildren (one who survived him); as well as various nieces and nephews.

Early Life and Education

Tom Kandler was born and raised in Florida where he played baseball and basketball before attending University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and playing minor league baseball.

Kandler was found guilty in district court on three charges: incest with someone under 18 years of age (Class IIA felon); first degree sexual assault (Class II felony); and child abuse. These convictions related to allegations that occurred between February 1, 2017 and September 30, 2017.

Rejecting all evidence presented against Kandler as most favorable to the State, any rational trier of fact could have concluded that she caused A.T. to participate in acts of debauchery and sexual immorality as defined by Section 28-319.

Professional Career

Thomas Kandler has over two decades of experience across various industries. He has worked in finance, software development and Internet services; as well as serving on corporate boards. Currently employed at Coffee County Coffee Company LLC located in Enterprise AL 36330 but previously working at 202 N Main St in Enterprise and 523 Damascus Road Chancellor AL 35643. Thomas is affiliated with T Kandler (Thomas D Kandler Sr), is known by Adrian P Vernava and Anjelic L Smith; using email for communication.

He is an active member of the American Bar Association and licensed to practice law since 2016.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Kandler has earned numerous accomplishments and honors during his distinguished career, such as receiving the Gerald E. Kandler Award given by the ACLU of Delaware to honor former president Gerald E. Kandler’s commitment to civil liberties. Lowe Priest and Corie Priest were chosen because they share his same “passion and motivation”. Lowe works at Lewes Library while Corie Priest manages community engagement programs at her workplace in Lewes.

Personal Life

Thomas Kandler was 42 when arrested. He had three children from an earlier relationship and A.T. lived with him; their mother had divorced him two years earlier and there had been no previous record of criminality on his record prior to these offenses.

A.T. testified during her testimony that she thought of Kandler as her father and considered him someone who cared for her. According to A.T., Kandler disclosed he had an aneurysm and his doctor informed him only had certain time left for treatment.

Kandler was charged by the state with three offenses: incest with someone under 18 years of age; first degree sexual assault; and child abuse. All charges against him were found true and sentenced him to 19-20 years’ imprisonment.

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