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Thomas Vint was instrumental in shaping many national parks and monuments throughout their physical development, from their initial infancy through Mission 66. His influence can still be seen today with fine rustic buildings and bridges scattered across America as testaments of his work.

Early Life and Education

Jaime Generosa Knips specializes in children’s developmental and educational needs, offering tailored programs designed to address each family’s particular challenges with their children. Additionally, she can assist families in crafting a home school curriculum tailored specifically for them.

She is married to Daniel Thomas and is mother to four sons aged 5-15. For several years now, she has been home schooling her older boys at home and is dedicated to helping other families find a suitable education program for their kids.

She was born and raised on her family farm near Lismore, Minnesota. She earned a Bachelor of Business from the University of Minnesota and attends First Presbyterian Church of Lismore as a member. Additionally, she enjoys reading, pool playing and card playing as hobbies.

Professional Career

After graduating from Indiana University, Thomas was chosen by the Detroit Pistons in the first round of the 1981 NBA draft and spent his entire career there, helping lead them to two championship victories in 1989 and 1990.

He served as both a television commentator (first as lead game analyst with play-by-play announcer Bob Costas and then part of the studio team) and executive for NBC Sports, in addition to serving with Toronto Raptors as an executive, assistant coach for NBA player Paul Pierce, owner and head coach of New York Knicks’ WNBA affiliate team, the New York Liberty.

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Achievement and Honors

Thomas Knips has received many honors and awards throughout his professional career, such as being honored with the Commissioner’s Academic Excellence Award from Presidents Council in 2017.

Since graduating high school, he has consistently made the Honor Roll. Additionally, he has won various other awards as well.

He is an active member of several organizations:

Personal Life

Recently, he and his wife lived in San Pedro on Ambergris Caye in Belize where they engaged in real estate development and charitable work together as well as extensive travel. Additionally, they enjoyed helping those less fortunate. Together they have two children and multiple grandchildren.

Knep was not only an actor but also an accomplished singer and dancer. She appeared in several productions of Jonson’s Thomaso performed by Killigrew in 1664 as well as Mrs Dorothy in Prologues and Epilogues by D’Urfey 1678 production of Thomas the Fool by D’Urfey in 1678 and Trick for Trick by D’Urfey in 1678; later performing roles such as Thomas in Prologues and Epilogues by D’Urfey in 1678 production by D’Urfey 1678 Thomas production by D’Urfey 1678 production of Thomas the Fool by D’Urfey 1678 production by D D’Urfey in 1678 by D D’Urfey; finally passing away at age 84 years. All visualizations provided by North Data; these can be reused under Creative Commons CC-BY license terms.

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