Thomas Laskowski

Thomas Laskowski

Tom specializes in counseling clients struggling with Addiction, Anxiety, Behavioral Issues and Trauma. As a Certified Clinical Social Work/Therapist.

He has taught speciality classes at both the World Survival Institute and Wintercount Primitive Skills Gathering events as a special guest instructor, serving as featured speaker at both events.

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Early Life and Education

Thomas Laskowski is an outdoor and wilderness survival expert who graduated with an electrical engineering degree from Case Western Reserve University. As a child he found great enjoyment in exploring nature; consequently he founded and served as president for the CWRU Outdoors Club which now boasts over 120 members.

David believes the best way to gain survival skills is through field experience, appearing on CBS’s “Survivor” and teaching classes at World Survival Institute and Wintercount Primitive Skills Gathering.

He currently resides at 9502 Golden Hills Circ in Austin, TX 78759 with some known relatives such as Jeanne Brown, Donald Hinds, Donna Laskowski, Laurie Laskowski Rose Laskowski and Albert Laskowski.

Professional Career

Laskowski found himself recruited into Bob Knight’s first recruiting class as part of Indiana University, becoming known as their “Super Sub.” Although never starting, Laskowski always found ways to come off the bench and make an impactful play during games.

His breakout year came during the 1974-75 campaign when he played an instrumental role. Following Scott May and Kent Benson’s departure, he was able to step up his game and become one of the team’s primary scorers.

Tom is blessed to have three children: son, daughter and two grandchildren residing with him at 2750 Torun Road in Stevens Point. Additionally he works as union president at Russell Metals as well as being a member of Corpus Christi Catholic Church as well as Army and Navy Hall, Local 1343.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Laskowski was honored to receive a Pritchett-Taylor award. This recognition, along with valedictorian recognition, is given to graduating seniors with at least 4.0 cumulative GPA in their associate degree programs.

He and the rest of his class also received Academic Achievement awards, presented by each grade-level dean to those students who have demonstrated academic excellence across Ravenscroft’s disciplines taught at Ravenscroft. A complete list of Upper School honorees may be found here.

He resides at 2750 Torun Road in Edgerton, WI and enjoys reading and working out. His favorite pet is his beloved cat. Additionally, his extended family is always there to offer support.

Personal Life

Thomas Mark Laskowski is an experienced clinical social worker/therapist based out of Salt Lake City, Utah and specializes in helping individuals deal with issues like Trauma/PTSD/Grief/Abuse etc.

He offers therapeutic techniques such as EMDR therapy, CBT therapy, Gestalt psychotherapy and hypnotherapy for smoking cessation hypnotherapy – helping people overcome difficult situations and find meaning in life. He is widely recognized for helping individuals to find meaning in life.

Tom is an attentive husband and father who cherishes spending time with his family, particularly his wife and children. With an unselfish approach and generous spirit, he often greets those he encounters with a smile or wave. An avid photographer himself, Tom loves capturing memories with his camera; even encouraging parents to print off pictures to keep physical copies.

Net Worth

Thomas Laskowski is an ambitious individual who has worked hard to reach where he stands today. A talented artist, Thomas has produced multiple pieces of artwork featured in exhibitions over his career – as of 2019 it is estimated he has an estimated net worth of $1.5 Million.

He currently resides in Seven Hills, Ohio and works at Midwest Native Skills Inst as its Director. After attending Parma Senior High School he earned his master’s degree at Baldwin Wallace University.

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