Thomas Longworth

The Life of Thomas Longworth

Tom Longworth is a Fellow of the Australasian College of Sports and Exercise Physicians with extensive experience working with elite athletes as well as sports injuries.

John has worked in multiple sports environments, from Sydney Roosters rugby league club and Australian school boy rugby union teams, to Jillaroos women’s national rugby league squads.

Early Life and Education

Thomas was raised in a family that prized education and was financially comfortable. A bright student, Thomas had aspirations to become a priest but became disenchanted with its passive stance towards civil rights issues.

Longworth family lived in three winehouses near downtown Cincinnati until an insect pest known as Phyloxera destroyed their grape vines, leading to economic depression in Cincinnati and forcing the family to sell the property by the 1870s.

Thomas has written several important opinions in his judicial career. He wrote the conservative majority opinion in District of Columbia v Heller, an iconic gun control case. Additionally, Thomas expressed discontent by writing a dissent in Gonzales v Raich showing his comfort overturning decades-old precedents.

Professional Career

Longworth was an author, lecturer, and active church member; also an avid sportsman and hunter who loved pursuing wildlife with his hunting rifles. He leaves behind his wife Connie, children Angela and Michelle as well as grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

As well as his legal practice, he engaged in multiple business ventures. Furthermore, he donated land for charitable causes including Cincinnati Observatory.

He was an early advocate for Belmont, believing that its economic and cultural life were essential elements for its progress. As such, he published annual almanacs and directories providing patrons with up-to-date information regarding duties, commercial concerns, and significant institutions – as well as helping promote local artists such as Robert Duncanson who created eight massive murals at Belmont.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Longworth in Withington parish descended the manor of Longworth with its surrounding lands to Bolton via 1632 settlement and his son and heir, Thomas Longworth II (d. 1664). Thomas II recorded a pedigree that year.

Maria Nichols was a prominent Cincinnati philanthropist whose daughter Maria showed early promise as an artist, working alongside George Ward Nichols to establish the first series of classical choral festivals in Cincinnati and writing extensively about both art and music.

Byron Longworth, an attorney from Tampa Bay and WMU-Cooley law student was honored at their Honors Convocation for his leadership across multiple activities as well as academic success. He chaired the Tampa Bay Mock Trial Competition as well as participating in national Moot Court competition teams.

Personal Life

Longworth was an immensely generous patron of artists. He offered assistance to internationally-recognized sculptor Hiram Powers (who would eventually go on to achieve international renown), painter William Henry Powell (known for his mural work at the Capitol rotunda), as well as numerous lesser-known ones who went on to achieve less fame.

By contributing to art, literary, and historical associations in Cincinnati as well as sending sparkling Catawba wines into competitions he fostered civic pride there.

Naturalist and passionate plant enthusiast, he created elaborate gardens on his property while experimenting with rare flowers and plants. Additionally, he held various civic positions and was active within his Baptist church community.

Net Worth

Longworth was an early patron of art in Cincinnati, helping transform it into an artistic hub through founding numerous art organizations and amassing vast personal collections. Additionally, Longworth contributed significantly to local horticultural and scientific activities by donating land in Mount Adams for use as the city observatory.

Longworth is an ancient English surname derived from Langgewrthe or Lunggewrthis village in Saxony and found throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

Shelley Nicola Longworth was born 22 March 1976 in Barnby Dun, Doncaster, South Yorkshire England United Kingdom. She is an English comedy actress, voice over artist, writer and speaker. She is married to Bruce Tyson and they share one daughter named Juliana. Throughout her acting career she received several accolades.

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