Thomas Mautone

Thomas Mautone, 43, Was Convicted of Wire Fraud and Sent to 30 Months in Prison and Three Years of Supervised Release

EUGENE, Ore.- Thomas Gerard Mautone from New Jersey was sentenced on Tuesday to 30 months in prison and three years of supervised release for his role in a $1 Million fraud scheme against an elderly Roseburg resident. Court documents and trial testimony show that Thomas Gerard Mautone and co-defendants pitched an unregulated high yield international investment scam as part of their scheme against her.

Early Life and Education

Mautone was born in Brooklyn, New York after his family immigrated from Italy during the 1920s. Growing up working at his family’s restaurants in Mount Vernon taught him the intricacies of food service business as well as cooking skills. While attending public high schools for his academic studies he eventually dropped out to concentrate on his restaurant business instead.

Mautone and his co-defendants also committed other crimes that netted them more than $1 million from the victim, such as conspiracy to commit wire fraud, mail fraud, bank larceny and money laundering.

Dr. Mautone’s research focuses on increasing access to quality behavioral health services for children and their families, specifically through family-school-health system collaboration, classroom consultation and integrated mental health in primary care settings. She serves as Associate Director for Primary Care Behavioral Health Research at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Professional Career

Nick Mautone founded Mautone Enterprises to offer multifaceted food service, management, and consulting for restaurants throughout NYC – including innovative children’s cafe Moomah in Tribeca – while improving profitability and streamlining operations of hospitality businesses. Mautone Enterprises works closely with top New York restaurants such as Moomah in Tribeca to improve profitability and streamline operations of hospitality businesses.

Mautone was sentenced to 30 months of incarceration and three years of supervised release for his role in defrauding an elderly Roseburg man out of $1 Million through fraudulent high yield international investment scam. Court documents and trial testimony revealed this scheme by him and co-defendants involved.

As part of their plea deals in May for wire fraud charges, all five defendants made repeated contacts with their victim to reassure him of the legitimacy, low risk and promised returns of an investment opportunity they offered them.

Achievement and Honors

Mautone was an advocate of the legal system and often lectured on ethics, law and practice of criminal justice at colleges, law schools and government agencies. In 2000 he was appointed United States Magistrate Judge; concurrently he continued his private practice in State and Federal court for insurance defense cases as well as fraud, organized crime murder as well as civil litigation matters. Mautone enjoyed spending time with his seven grandchildren Elizabeth Katherine Devon Quinn Logan Giada Marcella when they visited him for holidays or family functions. When he passed away he was surrounded by loved ones at his final resting place.

Personal Life

Mautone’s work conveys profound emotion with remarkable accuracy. Her paintings delve into fear, emotionality and anxiety with an intensity that resonates deeply with audiences. Additionally, she adds phytomorphic elements into her artwork for added symbolism.

According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Mautone conspired with two other co-defendants in Roseburg to defraud an elderly man of $1 Million through an investment scheme controlled by Rovshan Bahader Oglu Qasimov (38), from Azerbaijan – but never saw his money again, nor received promised returns.

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Net Worth

KPTV-KPDX reports that Thomas Mautone, 43, from Caldwell, New Jersey was found guilty and given 30 months in prison and three years of supervised release on Friday for his role in an international investment scheme that defrauded an elderly Roseburg man of $1 million. Mautone along with co-defendants Jared Mack (46), Olabode Olukanni (43) from New York; and Rovshan Bahader Oglu Qasimov (38) from Azerbaijan were accused of persuasion to convince him into investing into an illegal Hong Kong investment platform which promised legitimacy, low risk returns.

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