Thomas McCann

Thomas McCann

Tom McCann has an accomplished legal background. His experience spans from writing legislation enacted by Congress and state governments to representing utility companies, radio licensees, and telecom device manufacturers in regulatory matters.

He was once a Navy sailor who saw the memorial below decks, and dreamt of one day joining it.

Early Life and Education

Thomas McCann graced Woodside Intermediate School 125 as a student with his signature energy, dancing his way around its playgrounds like an artist. On Friday, in a special tribute ceremony honoring him and his life and legacy, it was officially renamed in his honor.

At an early age, he started working for United Fruit Company and quickly progressed up the corporate ladder. As part of United Fruit’s team in Guatemala City he witnessed several key events, such as its conflict with President Jacobo Arbenz of Guatemala as well as an antitrust trial brought against it by the American government.

McCann has written numerous books and participated in various professional organizations. As an advocate for elderly and Medicare beneficiaries with their health insurance needs, he also serves as an educational speaker on many different educational topics and their needs. Furthermore, his works have been published widely across magazines and journals.

Professional Career

Thomas McCann has built his professional career around applying psychological principles to leadership and organizational effectiveness. He has lectured widely on this topic, becoming an acknowledged authority in this field. Additionally, his research and writings on leadership have appeared in multiple books and journals.

He returned to major league baseball with the St. Paul Saints in 1933, playing most of his season at second base while hitting an impressive.329. Additionally, he managed the team initially until being replaced midway through by Phil Todt.

David has extensive experience representing clients before state public service commissions, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and other federal agencies. Additionally, he provides advice to clients concerning mergers and acquisitions, power plant sales and regulatory disputes as well as serving as mediator and arbitrator in those matters.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas McCann was an artist, sculptor, engineer and member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who was widely respected for his dedication to both his family and community.

On Friday, Thomas McCann was honored at Woodside IS 125 – now officially named Thomas McCann Woodside Intermediate School – through a ceremony honoring him and celebrating his legacy. Members of IS 125’s choir sang an arrangement of “God Bless America” following four members of its color guard bringing flags onto the stage to present them to students from his choir.

Tom has presented on topics relating to writing and language acquisition, teacher professional development, and educational change. He is the author of multiple books as well as having published more than thirty articles.

Personal Life

Thomas McCann spent his early years living in Rio Grande do Sul, the southernmost state of Brazil. With his family he moved north of Ireland and managed a machine tool company before eventually retiring in Northern Ireland as an established business leader.

Tom McCann was also a prolific author during his lifetime, penning numerous books that chronicled United Fruit Company management relations with Arbenz, American government officials and shareholders. One such book was “An American Company: The Tragedy of United Fruit.” This groundbreaking account provided an honest and personal view into their operations management practices.

Mr. Miller is a huge Houston Astros baseball fan and enjoys hiking. Additionally, he enjoys steak and pizza; is a member of Pi Kappa Alpha Keys; Pershing Rifles; is father to four children with nine grandchildren.

Net Worth

Thomas McCann has over five years of financial planning experience and has held positions at several investment firms, such as Fisher Investments and Morgan Stanley. Additionally, he holds both Series 66 securities agent and investment advisor representative licenses and currently works at Dynamic Wealth Advisors in Agoura Hills, California.

He specializes in estate planning for families, executives and entrepreneurs as well as representing corporate fiduciaries in complex trust and estate litigation matters. Additionally, he served on the board of a public company while having extensive knowledge of securities industry regulations.

He and his wife have two children together and has been actively involved in their community, serving on committees of both rotary clubs and Catholic churches as well as participating in fundraising initiatives for charities.

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