Thomas Mesereau

Thomas Mesereau ’69 became renowned for defending Michael Jackson against child molestation accusations during his 2005 trial, representing celebrities including Robert Blake, Mike Tyson and Bill Cosby; additionally working pro bono in minority communities.

Mesereau founded his own law firm and operates a free legal clinic in Los Angeles. Mesereau makes an impression with broad shoulders, chiseled features and an arresting mop of snow-white hair adorning his crown.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Mesereau is an esteemed attorney known for representing clients in complex criminal and Medical Board cases. His focus lies on getting his clients the best results, whether that means representing them in federal court, murder trials or defending doctors facing discipline from medical boards.

Mesereau became nationally-known after representing late pop star Michael Jackson during his child molestation trial and earning him a place on Barbara Walters’ “Ten Most Fascinating People” list.

He has done extensive pro bono work, such as setting up a free legal clinic in Southern California and traveling frequently to the Deep South to represent those unable to afford representation.

Professional Career

Mesereau gained national notoriety and fortune following Jackson’s acquittal. He appeared on Jay Leno Show, Barbara Walters’ annual list of “10 Most Fascinating People of the Year,” and established his own law firm.

Mesereau’s practice is dedicated to achieving optimal results for his clients – whether that means representing them in high-profile white collar cases in federal court, murder trials in state court or medical board matters – with exceptional client care always coming first.

Mesereau is dedicated to pro bono work. He regularly volunteers his services for less-than-privileged clients and created a legal clinic, taking one capital murder case per year on behalf of someone from the Deep South unable to afford representation. Mesereau takes great pride in the fact that none of his cases has resulted in death sentences for anyone he has represented.

Achievement and Honors

As Thomas Mesereau was counsel in several high-profile cases – such as Michael Jackson’s child molestation trial and Robert Blake’s murder case – he has gained a formidable reputation. A frequent legal analyst on television, Thomas has received multiple honors.

Mesereau’s fearlessness and strategic brilliance in courtroom allow him to effectively communicate with judges and juries alike. Additionally, Mesereau places great value in maintaining open communication with his clients while giving them an in-depth understanding of their case.

He has shown his dedication to community service through contributions to numerous charitable causes. Known for his pro bono work, he has received multiple accolades including the Fidler Institute Award from Loyola Law School as well as an Annual Service Award from N-Action Family Network which assists women recovering from addiction reenter society with their children.

Personal Life

Mesereau doesn’t just focus on celebrity defense or winning prestigious trial lawyer honors: when not representing celebrities he regularly visits pro bono legal clinics at black community churches and takes one capital murder case every year on behalf of defendants in the Deep South who can’t afford a lawyer.

Mesereau stands 6 foot 2, boasts broad shoulders, and wears custom suits and bright Versace ties that stand out against his dark skin tone. However, his free-flowing shoulder-length white mane immediately draws people in.

Mesereau first gained fame for successfully defending Michael Jackson against 14 counts of child molestation charges in 2005. Since then he has represented other high-profile celebrities like Robert Blake, Mike Tyson and Suge Knight against similar allegations of child abuse. Furthermore he is experienced at handling complex white collar trials as well as representing doctors before medical board hearings.

Net Worth

Thomas Mesereau boasts a net worth of $25 Million. As an accomplished lawyer with an exceptional track record for winning high stakes criminal and Medical Board trials, as well as white collar litigation cases for celebrities, Thomas has amassed an estimated net worth.

He is best known for defending Michael Jackson during his 2005 child molestation trial, as well as Mike Tyson and Bill Cosby. Additionally, he advocates human rights and regularly donates time pro bono in death penalty cases.

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