Thomas Rajan

Thomas Rajan

Thomas Rajan serves as American Airlines’ Managing Director of Talent Strategy and People Development. Previously he held positions with America West Airlines and US Airways before being recruited as a consultant by McKinsey & Company.

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Early Life and Education

Thomas Rajan, an expert in critical care medicine residing in Bangor, ME with over three decades of experience has graduated from UNIVERSIDAD ADVENTISTA DEL PLATA/ FACULTAD DE CIENCIAS DE LA SALUD and has affiliations at Eastern Maine Medical Center and St Joseph Hospital-Bangor.

As Vice President of Global Talent and Total Rewards at American Airlines, he is passionate about prioritizing team efforts even during difficult times. This can be seen through his work as Vice President of Global Talent and Total Rewards where his unique perspective and constant search for ways to improve organizations is evidenced in his daily duties. Through both personal and professional experiences he has honed his mission of leading people first; sharing many useful ideas applicable across industries while being widely respected within economics circles.

Professional Career

Thomas Rajan boasts a rich and extensive professional history spanning various roles and industries. He holds extensive human capital management expertise from working at America West Airlines, US Airways and McKinsey & Company – just to name a few.

He currently serves as the managing director for people development and talent strategy at American Airlines, overseeing all compensation, benefits and employee health programs offered to employees of this world’s largest airline.

He enjoys learning, and finds great satisfaction in helping his teammates advance in their careers. His empathetic approach to work can be seen in how he deals with both employees and customers; throughout his career he has served as a consultant on commercial planning strategy, network planner at America West Airlines and manager with Boeing.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Rajan serves as American Airlines’ Managing Director, Talent Strategy and People Development. In this capacity he oversees global leadership and professional development programs as well as core team member engagement efforts and the coordination of federal learning and training functions within the company.

Dr. Rajan specializes in immunotherapy as a potential therapy option in treating lung and thymic malignancies. He serves on the Oncologic Drug Advisory Committee as well as on an independent data monitoring committee for IMPOWER 132, which tests monoclonal antibody against programmed death ligand-1 (PD-L1) combined with chemotherapy in treating advanced lung cancer patients.

He is the author of multiple books, such as Saving Capitalism from Capitalists with Luigi Zingales and Fault Lines: How Hidden Fractures Still Threaten the Global Economy.

Personal Life

At 11 years old, Thomas Rajan boarded an American Airlines flight for the first time with his family and upon landing received a map as a gift from their flight attendant – which remains with him still today!

Thomas Rajan specializes in adult nephrology and is affiliated with Medical City Weatherford. He accepts multiple insurance plans. Thomas obtained his education at Kottayam Med College University Of Kerala.

GuruFocus reports that Thomas Rajan has conducted zero transactions involving Rex Energy Corp within the past three months, totalling an average purchase value of $20,000. At the same time, he sold one stock worth a total of $0. All his sales transactions have been revealed in SEC filings and are tracked by GuruFocus to compare individual investors’ returns against market benchmarks.

Net Worth

Thomas Rajan reportedly estimated to be worth US$25 Million as of 2022. As part of Credit Suisse’s Securitised Product Finance Structuring team, Thomas is responsible for executing fund financing facilities and structuring, negotiating, and closing investment structures utilizing his strong knowledge of both US and European capital markets for residential mortgages, consumer loans, credit card assets etc.

He possesses extensive expertise in negotiating and executing public and private securitisation transactions, working closely with top tier investment banks and asset managers on their structured finance platforms originating deals for both capital markets transactions as well as debt origination businesses.

Dr. Thomas Rajan, MD is an expert Nephrologist located in Fort Worth, TX who boasts more than 27 years of experience as a Nephrology Specialist. He graduated from Kottayam Med College University Of Kerala.

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