Thomas Speigner

Thomas Speigner currently resides at 2997 Appling Wy in Atlanta and works as a music teacher.

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Early Life and Education

Early in her career, she worked as a nurse in a hospital and assisted her family’s business by volunteering. Later she earned a bachelor’s degree from University of Alabama before taking over his company to develop several residential and commercial properties.

She was an active member of her church and gave generously of her time helping others. Additionally, she wrote a column for the Dothan Eagle. Her kind and loyal nature earned her many friends and admirers in Dothan and beyond.

Public records indicate that Tom Speigner, born 1938, currently resides at 103 Sweet Street in Rockledge FL 32955 and may be married to Carolyn S Speigner who they have lived together at 18 different addresses together.

Professional Career

Thomas Speigner was an outstanding professor and pioneer in geography. In 1960 he founded North Carolina Central University’s African-American Baptist College University Department of Geography; then serving as its first chair.

He has written several plays for regional theaters in New York and been nominated for numerous awards, such as a 2009 Guggenheim Fellowship.

At 78 years old, Tom Speigner currently resides at 103 Sweet Street in Rockledge Florida 32955. His relationship with Carolyn S Speigner dates back nearly 28 years; they have lived together in at least 18 different places together – likely including children and grandchildren. Create a free family tree of Tom Speigner to gain invaluable new information!

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Speigner was the first African American to earn a PhD in Geography, founding North Carolina Central University’s Department of Geography – an historically black college and university (HBCU) in 1960 – as well as teaching undergraduate and graduate classes on Geographic Information Systems and Geospatial Analysis.

He is an exceptional musician, having won an audition with The United States Air Force Heritage of America Band in Langley, Virginia and being selected as a finalist with The U.S. Army Band ‘Pershing’s Own’ from Washington D.C. He has performed with Nashville Symphony as well as numerous festivals.

He is married to Susan Speigner and they share two children. Currently he resides at 2997 Appling Way Atlanta Georgia 30341-3909 View his full profile on

Personal Life

Thomas Speigner is married to Carolyn S Speigner and has two children and six grandchildren. At 78, he currently resides at 103 Sweet Street Rockledge FL 32955.

He is widely active on social media and widely recognized within his field, having appeared on television shows and written articles for publication. Additionally, he belongs to several professional organizations.

He boasts a substantial following on Twitter and is extremely active in his community. Additionally, he maintains a Facebook page for fans to interact with him; other platforms he is present on include Instagram and YouTube as well. Furthermore, his charitable works make an impressionful contribution while his engaging personality serves as an example to many.

Net Worth

Tom Speigner has amassed an estimated net worth of $8 Million through his successful television and film careers as well as investments in real estate and other ventures.

Tom Speigner and Carolyn S Speigner have two children together. Public records reveal that Tom and Carolyn have lived at least 18 places together.

He is an avid follower of Auburn baseball and closely monitors their success at the 2019 NCAA Tournament. Additionally, he shows great support to both players and coaches of his beloved Auburn baseball team and remains dedicated to university life thanks to its success.

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