Thomas Swarek

Thomas Swarek

Rookie Blue, airing on ABC, features Ben Bass as Sam Swarek, an ABC Police Officer who is part of 15 Division.

Swarek is an avid humanitarian who has dedicated considerable time and energy to serving Haitians with medical and transportation needs.

Early Life and Education

Tom Swarek of Gulfport is an oil businessman with tremendous success, driven by his faith to use his wealth for good causes such as Haiti after its devastation by hurricanes and earthquakes in recent years. According to him, too much has been given; consequently, too much must be given back.

He is fiercely protective of his friends, often risking his career to protect them. Though typically reserved, Andy slowly draws him out. By season 4 she had allowed herself to feel her emotions more freely; during season 6’s finale they tied the knot, with Oliver Shaw acting as best man and McNally acting as maid-of-honor; prior to this she had been in a relationship with Officer Marlo Cruz.

Professional Career

Thomas Swarek is best known for his role as Andy McNally on ABC’s Rookie Blue series.

The show follows a group of rookie cops working in 15 Division. Many characters form romantic relationships; homicide detective Luke Callaghan has one with McNally that is particularly complicated after she accused him of cheating with Jo Rosati from 15 Division.

Sergeant Doug Shaw is another prominent law officer on the show, frequently clashing with Swarek over her tendency to bend the rules during investigations and remaining friend to rookie officers like Callaghan.

Achievement and Honors

He has appeared as Cyrano de Bergerac at Stratford and in In the Ring at In the Ring Theatre Festival in Nova Scotia, as well as performing Petruchio from Taming of the Shrew at Atlantic Theatre Festival.

He co-starred alongside Aaron Abrams on the television series The Killing, and received a Gemini Award nomination. Additionally, he has made multiple other films and TV appearances.

Swarek and McNally have long been romantically involved on Rookie Blue despite work’s no dating policy, secretly sneaking around. On season three’s final episode he confesses his feelings for her while she held a grenade; later he asked her to join a task force but she accepted and left right away, leaving him drinking alone at Penny. However, they eventually reconciled in season 5; on season six’s finale proposal was made during a boating trip with Traci as her maid of honor!

Personal Life

She hails from a large family, and the bond with her sisters is strong. Additionally, she has three nieces and one nephew whom she cares for deeply. Since the Haiti earthquake hit in 2010; she and her family have volunteered in Haiti by providing supplies and transportation assistance.

Sam Swarek and she have had a longstanding romance, and in the season 3 finale she admits her feelings to each other. At that same episode she is taken away on a task force that will keep her out of 15 Division temporarily; Nick discovers this fact and begins drinking heavily at The Penny while waiting for her return.

She and Callaghan regularly clash due to his proclivity for flouting rules during investigations, yet remain close – particularly to Nash and Swarek – fellow officers.

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