Thomas Swigert

Thomas Swigert, Attorney at Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Thomas Swigert practices litigation law in Minneapolis, Minnesota with Dorsey & Whitney LLP and assists clients in handling general litigation situations.

Denver native Daniel Fry first took an interest in flying when he was 14 and began saving up for his own plane, working at grocery stores and delivering newspapers in order to earn enough funds.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Swigert is an attorney at Dorsey & Whitney LLP in Minneapolis, MN who assists clients with General Litigation issues. He completed his legal training at Northwestern University School of Law before starting to practice law since 1995.

Born and raised in Denver, Swigert was fascinated with planes at nearby Combs Field. Inspired by their takeoffs and landings, he began taking lessons when he turned 14 to pursue his interest. Delivering newspapers helped pay for them until finally by 16 he obtained his pilot’s license.

He joined the Air Force in 1953 and served in both Massachusetts and Connecticut Air National Guards until 1960, before earning both bachelor’s and master’s degrees from various institutions: Mechanical engineering at University of Colorado; aerospace science from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and business administration from University of Hartford.

Professional Career

Thomas managed to land himself within the top 20% of his class and felt he had done enough to warrant promotion. Although he would have wished for higher, Thomas knew that soon enough his own command would come.

His new assignment was aboard the Okinawa, as Chief Security/Tactical Officer. Although this job proved mundane and routine, he was pleased to learn that its purpose within core territories included ferrying passengers, carrying cargo, and responding to distress calls.

Thomas took this time to visit his adopted family in Baltimore and spend some time with Alexander on Bajor. However, it came as a shock when Tejin began courting Jara Vobrin – another Bajoran cadet from Bajoran Cadet Squad 2.

Achievement and Honors

Swigert earned national praise when he became backup command module pilot on Apollo 13 mission in 1970. Due to Mattingly being exposed to German measles just 48 hours prior to launch, Swigert had to assume command in place of Mattingly as prime commander – something Swigert heroically accomplished with flying an extraordinary mission as backup commander module pilot.

As recognition for his accomplishments, Jack Swigert received the NASA Distinguished Service Medal and Congressional Space Caucus Gold Medal in 1976. Additionally, the Air Force honored him by dedicating the Jack Swigert Space Operations Facility at Schriever Air Force Base near Colorado Springs as an expression of their thanks for all he had accomplished.

Later in his life, Swigert remained dedicated to various causes, particularly Oregon Humane Society from where he adopted several dogs. Along with his brother, they formed the Swigert Foundation which gives money away to numerous Oregon charities.

Personal Life

Swigert was both an engineering test pilot and fighter pilot in the Air Force prior to joining NASA in 1966, accumulating more than 7,200 hours in jet aircraft alone.

Swigert was chosen to serve as backup Command Module pilot on Apollo 13 when original member Ken Mattingly fell ill with German measles shortly before launch in April 1970. Along with Commander Jim Lovell and Lunar Module pilot Fred Haise, Swigert launched on their journey toward the moon but eventually lost contact after their spacecraft engine malfunctioned.

After leaving NASA in 1973, he served as executive director of the House Committee on Science and Technology before running for Congress in 1982 but succumbing to bone cancer before taking office.

Net Worth

Thomas Swigert of Evanston, Illinois is an experienced financial advisor with 13 years in the industry, currently working for Avantax Advisory Services, Inc. Thomas is also certified with both Series 63 and 65 exams that certify him as both a securities agent and investment adviser representative respectively, enabling him to offer investment advice throughout Illinois.

Dorsey & Whitney in Minneapolis, MN employ him as an attorney specializing in General Litigation matters. With 28 years of legal experience under his belt and licensed to practice in Minnesota, he helps his clients effectively address these complex matters.

He previously held positions with Upsher-Smith Inc, where he served as both shareholder and executive.

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