Thomas Tabor

Thomas Tabor – Businessman and Philanthropist

Thomas Tabor was an active philanthropist in Bay City. Known for his expertise on transportation history – writing numerous books on railroading and lumbering industries – as well as contributing to building of Thomas T. Taber Museum in Lycoming County, he contributed immensely towards building that museum.

Bosco noted how her and her husband were inspired by Tabor’s generosity and community involvement, and described him as “an outstanding individual”. She called him an example for all people.

Early Life and Education

Thomas Tabor was raised in River Falls, Wisconsin. After attending local schools he went on to Bluefield State College in West Virginia. There he worked as an underground coal miner during summer vacation periods while at Bluefield.

After graduating, he went into business for himself and worked at Herman Hiss & Company jewelry store owned by his family for 147 years. A member of the American Gem Society, he had an in-depth knowledge of gemstones.

Tabor also enjoyed strong community ties and was instrumental in shaping Bay City’s downtown development efforts. Candace Bales, executive director of Bay City Downtown Development Authority today, noted how often Tabor stopped by to share ideas and offer encouragement.

Professional Career

Tabor was both hard working in his career, as well as generous in giving back to the community. He is well known for penning an induction speech still used today by Bay City Rotary Club; additionally he was active as a philanthropist believing Bay City needed a vibrant downtown.

Since 2003, Mr. Faison has run his own law firm and been admitted to State trial courts of Claiborne, Union, Campbell, Knox Grainger Hancock Jefferson counties and United States District Court Eastern District of Tennessee as well as Appalachian Bar Association membership. Specializing in bankruptcy family law and criminal defense with 56 employees under his employ as well as an annual operating budget of $4.3 Million serving over 4,600 clients annually.

Achievement and Honors

Thomas Tabor has earned many prestigious accolades in both his professional and community endeavors, receiving multiple awards including HPCwire Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards – highly coveted recognition of excellence within the global HPC community.

He was also a life member of the Railway & Locomotive Historical Society and noted for assembling his personal research library as well as aiding other railroad historians. Additionally, he published several books about Northeast logging railroads as well as co-authored Climax: An Unusual Steam Locomotive (1960).

He was an integral member of Bay City community. Candace Bales, executive director of Bay City Downtown Development Authority said he understood how crucial an economy thrives was.

Personal Life

Tom Tabor was an enthusiastic philanthropist and dedicated scholar who shared his wealth of knowledge about railroading and lumbering in multiple books. As part of his donation to Lycoming County Historical Society, he donated rights for republishing these works: Sunset Along Susquehanna Waters, Williamsport Lumber Capital and Sawmills Among the Derricks.

Due to declining mining conditions, he relocated to Eastern Kentucky in 1991 and worked at Consolidation Coal Company of Kentucky Jones Fork Operations before beginning legal practice across Claiborne, Union Campbell Grainger Knox counties as well as in Federal Courts.

Tom married Urline and had two children together. He was an attentive and attentive husband, frequently giving Urline “hug-ups”. Tom enjoyed hunting and fishing trips to Norris Lake regularly.

Net Worth

Teez Tabor has amassed an immense following thanks to his entertaining content and social media presence. He makes a healthy income by uploading posts onto his YouTube channel as well as using it to promote brands; his estimated net worth exceeds $50 thousand.

He has made investments in several businesses and owns real estate property as well. Additionally, he owns shares of Concho Resources Inc (CXO stock). To date he has made four trades of the stock and owns over 2,000 units in this company.

However, it is known that he lives in Florida with someone and prefers to keep their relationships private.

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