Thomas Wadhouse

Thomas Wadhouse

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James Baldwin once observed that every American Negro has his or her own Bigger Thomas living within their mind; indeed, these ancestors do act.

Early Life and Education

Thomas and Mina had an unusual marriage. Mina was an activist and feminist who wrote extensively on women’s issues during her lifetime and advocated for home economics re-education for female students. Additionally, she enjoyed playing tricks on Thomas; once flirting with him in Morse code before proposing by tapping out “will you marry me” onto their Glenmont living room floor.

Wadhouse (real name Thomas Wedders) never left any written testimonies about his life or motivations for being on display, though his large nose was described as “abject idiocy” in the 19th-century book Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine; now his wax replica can be found at London’s Ripley’s Believe It or Not!

Mina kept office supplies and appointment books in this room as well as records from Women’s Exchange of Oranges, among numerous professional associations.

Professional Career

Thomas was an accomplished journalist for newspapers and magazines, writing travel pieces. Additionally, Thomas advocated railroad travel extensively using his influence with companies to advertise them. When World War I broke out President Woodrow Wilson sent Thomas on a search mission for material which would garner support.

Thomas was the pioneer of live TV news simulcasts in 1940; however, his preferred medium was radio where he presented and commented on news reports. Thomas went on to publish multiple books that often made their characters relatable and relatable for readers.

Personal Life

Thomas Wadhouse, better known by his nickname Wedders, was an iconic sideshow performer renowned for his giant nose. Exhibited all across the United States and featured in Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine–a 19th-century book documenting rare medical conditions–Wedders died around 1780.

Wadhouse married Nicolina and lived together until his death. Eventually he converted to Catholicism, his wife’s religion of choice.

Geoff Haden has painstakingly renovated the inside of Thomas and his family’s former house to represent its period and style from when they lived there, creating an intimate yet serene space brimming with history that has played host to famous guests like Johnny Depp, Kate Burton and Will Self.

Net Worth

American chef Thomas Keller boasts an estimated net worth of $150 Million. A noted restaurateur and cookbook author, Keller has opened several restaurants all around the country – his flagship location, Napa Valley has won multiple accolades from respected publications like Restaurant Magazine.

He also hosts popular food- and cooking-focused television programs, and founded St Jude Childrens Research Hospital and ALSAC – two organizations which raise funds for cancer research.

He currently resides in Napa Valley with Laura Cunningham, former hospitality manager at The French Laundry. They share two children together and have been enjoying an amicable relationship since 2009. Both parties are known and accomplished professionals within their fields.

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