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The General Overseer of the Church of God

The General Overseer of the Church of God has played an integral part in expanding global outreach initiatives for his church and creating programs designed to aid those most in need.

Hill is known for prioritizing family over his ministry duties, creating programs designed to mentor youth while serving on numerous interfaith and ecumenical boards.

Early Life and Education

The church is an umbrella group that promotes spiritual healing and has been widely credited with miraculous cures, such as blindness, cancer, open wounds and even AIDS.

Numerous members are involved with charitable initiatives. For instance, the church sponsors several educational and social programs for children.

Tim Hill is widely revered as General Overseer of the Church of God. As General Overseer, he oversees all church operations while working towards greater unity within its worldwide membership base.

Lee University graduate David Hill has held various leadership roles such as pastor, state overseer, International Executive Committee member and Church of God World Missions director. Beginning recording at age 16, Hill has produced 18 projects including the song “He’s Still in the Fire”. Together with Paula they are parents to three daughters: Melinda Danielle, Brittany Hill and Tara Lanae.

Professional Career

Tim Hill has served in a variety of leadership roles in his church, such as state overseer and director of world missions. Additionally, he is a sought-after speaker and author renowned for his talks and books that focus on faith, leadership and personal development.

He has traveled throughout the U.S. and internationally speaking at major denominational and interdenominational conventions, camp meetings, and conferences. Additionally, he is an accomplished singer with multiple gospel albums recorded under his name.

Paul Dhinakaran, also known in India as Avdhoot Baba Shivanandji Maharaj, is another spiritual leader who has amassed immense fortune through sharing ancient tales and meditation programs. With over thirty “prayer towers” across India and being chancellor of Karunya University as his seat of authority he reportedly is estimated to possess an estimated net worth estimated at $700 Million.

Achievement and Honors

Hill has served as General Overseer of the Church of God since 2013. As its leader, he oversees operations and promotes global unity within their global outreach. Furthermore, he has established charitable initiatives which empower members to make an impactful difference within their own communities.

Hill has become one of the foremost authors and speakers on spirituality today, using his books to encourage individuals in their spiritual quests. His most recent Rhema word book, Furnace Grace, offers lessons in how to handle fiery trials with grace.

Hill’s ministry is grounded in his faith-filled heritage and family background. A graduate of Graham High School and Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee; as well as receiving a doctorate from Church of God Theological Seminary. Furthermore, he served as second assistant general overseer; secretary general for Executive Committee at International Offices of Church of God International Offices; as well as administrative bishop in southern Ohio and Oklahoma.

Personal Life

Tim Hill is an accomplished husband and father, as well as an author and public speaker focusing on topics including faith, leadership and personal development. His presentations can often be found at youth camps, camp meetings or conventions worldwide.

Mr. Davison has an enormous passion for helping his community and has implemented various charitable initiatives throughout his career, such as educational and spiritual programs for inner city youth, conferences on mental wellness, toy drives, etc.

While Hill doesn’t garner as much media coverage as other evangelical pastors like Joel Osteen, his impact is no less profound. His church is one of the largest in America with an international footprint that spans far beyond American borders. Hill has played an instrumental role in leading Church of God global outreach initiatives with great success and continues to lead it successfully today.

Net Worth

Tim Hill is a prominent leader within the Church of God and beyond, having left an immeasurable mark across multiple religious communities worldwide. A prolific author and speaker, his career is dedicated to spreading faith-driven leadership messages. Additionally, Tim actively engages with youth leaders as an author/speaker/professor; engaging with young leaders directly while developing programs designed to assist young leaders; as well as serving on interfaith/ecumenical boards to promote unity between different faith communities.

Joseph Prince is one of the best-known Church of God figures, as an evangelist and pastor he has amassed an estimated fortune estimated at over $100 million due to his ministry which emphasizes spirituality and personal growth. Additionally, he has published multiple books related to this field which has earned him recognition as one of the world’s leading evangelicals.

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