To Thee My Heart I Offer

To Thee My Heart I Offer

Whenever I find myself feeling down or insecure, I try to remind myself that I am the only person that can change my life and that I have a choice to make. By remembering this I am able to be positive. And even though I don’t always make the right decisions, I am able to get through the tough times.

To thee my soul

Throughout the song, McDaniel uses the signature phrase “to thee my heart I offer”, which is repeated three times in the refrain. This hook is also used in the first line of each stanza. Each time this phrase is repeated, it becomes a personal salvation experience for each listener. The song is also a great closing prayer for a Christmas Eve worship service.

This gospel hymn can be set for Piano, SATB choir, or an optional String Quartet. It is a great song for an urban crusade, a congregation’s closing prayer, or even a Christmas Eve worship service. It captures the essence of Christmas. The lost souls in the night are crying out for God’s love, and someone must feed them. A powerful voice and a spirited, passionate voice are needed to sing this song.

This song was sung during the urban crusades of the 1910s and was composed by Gabriel, a gospel singer who became famous in this time period. A natural showman, Rodeheaver used a trombone to direct choirs and congregations, while he warmed the audience with jokes.

To thee my mind

Isaiah’s “to thee my mind I offer a song” is a lyric about the wonders of God and his gifts to the people of Israel. This song is one of the most eloquently written in the Bible, and the lyricist’s decision to use rhymes in different verses shows that this is a well-planned piece of music. Similarly, the narrator’s choice of language in this poem shows his viewpoint and how he sees the world.

In particular, the song is about selflessness, as the narrator makes a commitment to a woman and commits to God in the process. This commitment translates into the narrator seeing the value in God’s gifts to the people of Israel and the best way to show God that he is worth all of the sacrifices he is willing to make.

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