Tony Robinson Net Worth

Tony Robinson is an esteemed TV Show Host with an impressive net worth. In addition to hosting, he is well known as an actor, author, broadcaster, comedian and political campaigner.

From 2012 to 2014, Robinson hosted a Channel 4 series called Walking Through History that saw him hiking through iconic British landscapes.

Early Life and Education

Tony Robinson is an esteemed English actor, broadcaster, comedian and political activist. Born August 15, 1946 in Homerton London he has long been affiliated with Labour Party. In 2013 he was honored for his service by receiving a knighthood.

After passing four O-levels and ditching his A-levels to attend drama school, he spent four years performing repertory theatre, including at the West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds.

Robinson voiced the audiobooks for Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series and has voiced numerous television advertisements such as Honda and Vanish. Additionally, he is active political campaigner and patron for Street Child Africa. Additionally, Robinson is an advocate for Alzheimer’s disease advocacy as his family experienced this condition first-hand.

Professional Career

Tony Robinson is a well-known actor and has appeared in multiple movies, television shows, documentaries and short stories. Additionally, he enjoys spending time with his wife.

At 13 he made his acting debut in an Oliver! stage production as the Artful Dodger. Since then he has performed at Chichester Festival Theatre, RSC and National Theatre productions.

Once his tenure on Blackadder was complete, he co-created and starred in Maid Marian and Her Merry Men for children’s television. Additionally, he provided narration for Jackanory-like programs Tales from Fat Tulip’s Garden and Odysseus: The Greatest Hero of All (both inspired by Richard Curtis).

Achievement and Honors

Robinson is a well-recognized figure both within the entertainment industry and politics, serving both roles with distinction. Additionally, he has made significant contributions to British history with his writing and historical scholarship work; which have earned him great acclaim and respect from peers and fans.

Robinson is also well known as an accomplished voice actor, providing voices for numerous Jackanory-style children’s television programmes, such as Nellie the Elephant and Tales from Fat Tulip’s Garden. Additionally, he narrated Maid Marian and Her Merry Men TV adaptation series as well.

He is married to Louise Hobbs and has two children, Laura Shepherd-Robinson and Luke Shepherd-Robinson. He has long been known for his support of Alzheimer’s Society and their campaigns for better care and recognition for sufferers, as well as animal welfare causes.

Personal Life

Sir Tony Robinson has long delighted audiences as Baldrick in Blackadder and Time Team presenter, delighting audiences with his quick wit and comic timing. Over three decades however, Sir Tony Robinson has seen both of his parents suffer the agony of Alzheimer’s, so much so that he became an outspoken celebrity supporter of Alzheimer’s Society, campaigning for better care and recognition of sufferers.

Robinson has been married three times; first to Barbara Henshall in 1969 but they divorced four years later; next he wed Mary Shepherd before parting ways in 1992; currently, he resides with Louise Hobbs, with whom they share two children together.

Net Worth

Given his age and accomplishments, Tony Robinson can safely be described as a wealthy individual. He earned a considerable sum through his primary occupation as TV Show Host.

Apart from acting, he has also participated in charitable endeavors. He has contributed his time and funds towards various causes like poverty and education as well as spoken up about issues like Alzheimer’s disease.

Personal Life. He has been married twice. From his second marriage, Laura Shepherd-Robinson and Luke Shepherd-Robinson were born. Louise Hobbs became his third wife; details regarding any future children are kept private. Additionally, he is an advocate for LGBTQ issues as he supports various roles that promote it; in particular he participated in Make Poverty History campaign as well as being part of it himself.

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