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Top100 Models Around the World

Fashion models fill our Instagram feeds, but which are the most sought-after? A study by SEMrush examined the top 100 models based on average monthly searches.

Hadid sister Bella receives approximately 1.8230,000 searches monthly, having walked for major brands such as Marc Jacobs and Chanel as well as being featured as an endorser for various beauty products.

Early Life and Education

Top100 models hail from various backgrounds, but all share an enthusiasm for fashion and an interest in social change. Somali model Iman is one such famous face who helped open doors for women of color in modeling; she studied political science at University of Nairobi while speaking five different languages!

Early education theorists take various educational approaches, but all share one goal – supporting children’s development and success during their early years. Erik Erikson pioneered psychosocial stages as key components to child welfare; Loris Malaguzzi focused on documenting a child’s learning history so educators could tailor future educational experiences according to individual interests and learning patterns.

HundrED selected HEI Schools as one of its 100 Best Innovations because of their comprehensive approach to child-centric learning that encompasses research based curriculum, teacher training modules, spacial design principles and carefully selected learning materials. Furthermore, these schools are highly scalable so as to give every child access to a top education experience.

Professional Career

Models come from all backgrounds – runway royalty such as Adriana Lima or Instagram stars like Bella Hadid are just two examples – with numerous career options open to them in fashion or the arts world, like Victoria’s Secret angel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley who successfully transitioned from fashion into acting careers.

Others have expanded into other fields, such as music and activism. Nyome, for instance, is an international model and DJ who champions body positivity through her work and has advocated to alter Instagram’s censorship policies.

Klum and Upton have established successful careers as businesswomen, actresses and TV personalities while Delevingne is best-known as a socialite who has ventured into film with roles in Paper Towns and Suicide Squad. However, many top models on our list found professional success thanks to Instagram.

Achievement and Honors

Red Herring Top 100 Awards are highly-coveted accolades in tech. A panel of judges selects winners from hundreds of nominees to receive this honor.

Yilan Hua has quickly established herself as a star model, appearing in campaigns for Jil Sander and on the cover of i-D magazines respectively, and earning around 1,500,000 monthly searches online. Fashion editors love her for both her appearance and unique brows that stand out against her figure.

Reed Smith EME managing partner Tamara Box was recently honored in Yahoo Finance’s HERoes Top 100 Women Role Model Executives list, an annual ranking that recognizes business leaders who make an impactful statement by breaking down barriers for underrepresented women within their organizations.

Personal Life

Top models often work long hours, making it crucial for them to maintain fitness throughout. In between shoots they must have access to healthy meals; sometimes this even includes packing their own for long flights!

Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner are two of the world’s most beloved fashion models, garnering over one million monthly searches each, according to a SEMrush study.

Adriana Lima has graced runway shows for Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana as an original Victoria’s Secret angel, while Cara Delevingne has modelled for Proenza Schouler and Marc Jacobs respectively. Natasha Oakley first made waves via Instagram before modeling in multiple campaigns as well as starting her own swimwear label Monday Swimwear.

Net Worth

Gisele Bundchen and Heidi Klum are examples of models who have established themselves as top earners with lucrative contracts from high-profile clients that have allowed them to build up an enormous bank account.

Notable names in this regard include former Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima, who appeared in numerous ads and even co-starred alongside Sandra Bullock in the heist movie Ocean’s 8. She later went on to launch her clothing line with Levi’s as part of their collaboration deal, while Molly Sims established herself as a style icon through her clothing line and collaborations.

Claudia Schiffer earned her status as a supermodel with high-profile appearances, such as her part in Love Actually. Today, she remains a household name who shares photos and updates from her 530-acre mansion on social media platforms like Instagram.

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