Town Hall 8 Best Base

Best Base in Town Hall 8

The best base in Town Hall 8 is a multi-compartment structure that has the Town hall at the center. This design will give your town maximum protection against your opponent. The other buildings are placed around the center area and the four-compartment layout consists of three wizard towers, three hidden Teslas, a clan castle, an air sweeper, and a trap. The first circle consists of the main defense buildings. These buildings will have the maximum lifespan and damage the most opponents.

There are several advantages of this base design. It has many defensive features and is ideal for farming Dark Elixir. It can also be a great base to protect against TH9 and TH10. It has been tested against TH10 and TH9 and proved to be effective. However, it requires a lot of time to build.

The Town Hall is located in the center and has several storages around it. This makes it difficult for an attacker to grab all the storages. Its other storages are spread around, so an attacker must go all-in to break through it. This makes it one of the hardest TH8 bases to attack.

A trophy base is a good choice for resource protection. It has a dead zone compartment around it to confuse attackers. It also has an effective baiting system. A war base also attracts attention to the upcoming CWL and has a large central dead zone. This base is very useful when your opponents don’t know what to do.

As you can see, there are a number of strategies that you can employ to make the best base in Town Hall 8. The best base is the one that will protect your resources from enemy soldiers. You can use a trophy base to protect your resources, while a farming base is useful for protecting your storages.

While the anti-everything base design is a good base for this type of game, it also includes a clan castle. There is good placement of air mines, bombs, and spring traps in this design. In addition, there are storage compartments in the outer area, which can delay enemy troops from entering the village.

A GoWiPe strategy is great for advanced players in Town Hall 8. It requires fewer resources than the first two strategies. Unlike the latter, it doesn’t require luring Clan Castle troops to your base. However, it does require some extra P.E.K.K.A.s, a Barbarian King, and several spells like Rage and Heal Spell. This strategy also includes the use of Golems. These are placed 10-15 tiles apart and can destroy builder huts. You can also use Wall Breakers to break walls.

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