Town Hall 9 Best War Base

Building the Best War Base in Townhall 9

These guidelines will help you build a strong war base in Townhall9. These will help you build clever strategies and a solid defense. Once you’ve learned how to use these tips, you can start building the best war base in town! This will make your village a strong and unbeatable place to play.

Dark Elixir Storage: This storage should be located in the middle of the base. This storage is a great place to store your resources, trophies, or other items. The storage can also be used to store loot for upgrades. It’s important to have a Dark Elixir Storage because it’s useful for defending the base from air armies.

Town Hall Upgrades: Upgrades to the nineth level of Town Hall can increase your base’s size and power. They are available for purchase but cost 3 million gold coins. It takes 10 days to complete. When you upgrade, you get a new building that’s worth 25 Wall units. You also get a Giant Bomb and two Seeking Air Mines. You can also buy new heroes to improve the quality of your town hall.

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