Travis Scott At Astros Game

Travis Scott at an Astros Game

If you were a baseball fan, you might have been interested in seeing Travis Scott at an Astros game. The rapper has worked with the franchise over the years and will be performing at the Astroworld Festival this weekend in Houston. In addition to being a rap star, he is also a big sports fan and often sits courtside at Rockets games.

During his tenure with the Astros, he has played a part in some of the team’s biggest moments. For example, he was a ball boy when he was in high school. He even had a small role in calling the “Play Ball” before the game. But one of his more memorable moments may have been when he was the first runner to run the home-plate loop.

While it’s true that he wore an Astros jersey during his time in Houston, it was in a different incarnation. After he sprinted onto the field, the crowd erupted with cheers. Of course, this was a moment that he was probably not aware of.

Other than a baseball game, it’s possible that Travis Scott was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He’s also been accused of being one of the worst sports fans in the NFL. This despite the fact that he sat on the winning team at the 2022 World Series finals. However, he’s still a Rockets fan, despite claiming that his support for the Dallas Cowboys has nothing to do with their record.

While you might think that Travis Scott at an Astros game was the most entertaining thing to happen to a baseball game, this wasn’t the case. In fact, the rapper has had quite a few lawsuits filed against him over his actions during a recent concert. Many fans thought that the punishment handed down by the organization was too mild. Despite this, Travis Scott still has quite the resume. His latest album, Astroworld, was one of the best albums of the year.

Fortunately for the Astros, Scott will be able to show his love for the franchise in a more meaningful way. On Saturday, he will headline the Astroworld Festival, which will be held at NRG Park in Houston. Not only will the Astros be present at the game, but fans will be treated to a free Travis Scott bobblehead, presented by the Cactus Jack Foundation.

The Astros will also host a gospel breakfast and a college fair, both of which are free. Additionally, there will be a special celebrity softball game, which will feature Travis Scott. These events are all in preparation for the 2023 Cactus Jack HBCU Classic, a four-game tournament between the Astros and various college teams.

Although it’s unlikely that Scott will be invited back to Houston for another round of festivities, it’s still quite a surprise to learn that he was unaware of the tragedy that unfolded at the event. It’s also safe to assume that he might not have been privy to the fact that eight people were killed and hundreds were injured.

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