Upload Premiere Red Carpet

The Upload Premiere Red Carpet

The Upload has a special place in my heart, being one of the only TV shows to re-locate to my hometown. Not to mention that the bumbling bureaucracy in charge is a pretty cool dude. It’s also worth noting that Upload is the first time I’ve been able to see my wife and son together in years. I was lucky enough to score an invite to the premiere red carpet, thanks to the nice folks at Prime Video. The premiere of Upload season two was a great way to spend the evening. I could have easily stayed there all night, but I’d rather be at home watching the show in its entirety. The stars were aligned and the crowd was buzzy. I even managed to snag a couple of photos with the cast and executive producer. I’ll have to check back in later on, but I am glad I could make the experience a reality. The show is a delight and I’m not surprised that it garnered such a prestigious nomination. I can’t wait to see where it goes from here!

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