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The Vallejo Seaweed Make Their Wilson Park Debut

It was the Vallejo Seaweed’s Wilson Park debut and everything seemed to be going wrong. The scoreboard didn’t work. The public address system was erratic.

New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia was back in his hometown on Thursday, visiting Vallejo High School to host a pep rally and career discussion panel. He also gave away free backpacks filled with school supplies to kids.

Early Life and Education

CC Sabathia, the New York Yankees star pitcher, returned to his old stomping grounds at Vallejo High School Thursday morning with a mission to do some good for his hometown. Along with his wife Amber, he hosted a pep rally and career discussion panel for students while treating them to free backpacks full of school supplies.

This is just the latest effort by the PitCCh In Foundation, which the Sabathias have been running for years. They’ve also run free baseball camps for kids, donated thousands of backpacks to students and refurbished Vallejo ballfields.

Now the couple are trying to bring minor league baseball back to their home city with the new Vallejo Seaweed of the Pecos League. The team will begin play this month at Wilson Park.

Professional Career

CC Sabathia may have pitched for the New York Yankees, Cleveland Indians and Milwaukee Brewers in his major league baseball career, but it’s Vallejo that’s always been home to him. The former MLB pitcher was back in town on Saturday, hosting his annual PitCCh In Foundation free baseball camp. Camp attendees received a free camp T-shirt, souvenir autograph and a team photo. Andy Danner, emcee of the event and former Vallejo High baseball coach, has helped with the camp for nearly a decade.

The Seaweed are not affiliated with the Vallejo Admirals, who played at Wilson Park in a few different leagues over the years including the Pacific Association of Professional Baseball Clubs. But since the Admirals were sold to Dave Phinney in 2020, there has been no news on the team and it appears that the franchise has ceased operations in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Achievement and Honors

After a long absence, independent minor league baseball will return to Wilson Park for the 2023 season with the new Vallejo Seaweed. The team will compete in the Pecos League’s Pacific Division along with the Bakersfield Train Robbers, Martinez Sturgeon and Marysville Drakes.

The Admirals won the Pacific Association championship in 2017 and a number of players earned individual honors including manager Templeton II, center fielder Jordan Hinshaw, second baseman Tillman Pugh and pitchers Tim Holmes and Demetrius Banks.

Former Yankees and Cleveland Indians pitcher CC Sabathia returned to his hometown Saturday to host his annual PitCCh In Foundation free baseball camp for kids in grades 1-8. He instructed kids on how to properly hit, field and throw Wiffle balls. The event was a huge success with 550 kids in attendance.

Personal Life

After a three year absence, independent minor league baseball is back at Wilson Park in Vallejo. The new team, known as the Vallejo Seaweed, will play in the eight-team Pacific Division of the Pecos League with the Bakersfield Train Robbers, Santa Rosa Scuba Divers, Martinez Sturgeon, San Rafael Pacifics, Monterey Amberjacks and Marysville Drakes. The winner of the Pacific Division will play the winner of the Mountain Division in a best-of-three three-game series to determine the league champion.

The Admirals are still in limbo as the owner, Napa Valley winemaker Dave Phinney, has yet to find a league and opponents. He has said he will bring the team back but has not given a timetable. The Admirals were previously members of the four-team Pacific Association of Baseball Clubs.

Net Worth

Carsten Charles Sabathia Jr. was born in Vallejo, California and attended the area’s high school where he excelled in baseball, basketball, and football. He even played summer baseball in the MLB youth program and was offered scholarships to play college football but chose to go straight into professional baseball after graduating.

Despite his fame and fortune, Sabathia still takes time to help his hometown of Vallejo. On Saturday he hosted his annual PitCCh In Foundation free baseball camp in Vallejo where he taught children and their parents how to field ground balls and flyballs, hit Wiffle balls, and proper pitching motion.

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