Van Halen Christmas Ornament

Van Halen Christmas Ornament

Having the Van Halen Christmas Ornament on your tree is a great way to add some musical magic to your holiday decor. This is a perfect gift for any fan of the band and they will be sure to appreciate the unique gift. This item is made from resin and will stand out on your tree.


Whether you like to believe it or not, the Christmas pickle is an old tradition that has been around for centuries. Supposedly, pickles bring good luck and help heal wounds. The pickle is also a symbol of the Winter Solstice. However, no one really knows where the pickle originated. It could have originated in the New World or it could have come from Germany.

While some believe the pickle originated in Germany, it is not entirely clear how. The pickle’s history has been somewhat obscure, but it is believed to be an ancient Bavarian solstice ritual. It may also be a German-American invention. A Civil War soldier who was born in Germany decided to eat pickles during his battles, claiming that the pickle saved his life.

German Steinbach

During the Second World War, the Steinbach family was part of a company called Ore Mountain “Mannelmacher-Zunft.” Their product was the Ore Mountains’ best kept secret, namely, their wooden figurines. They were a hit with the American soldiers stationed in Hannover and a popular souvenir from a far away land.

The Steinbach family made the best of a bad situation, moving from Ore Mountain to Hohenhameln near Hannover. They had to adjust production to meet armament requirements but they managed to survive. They even had a wacky slogan: “We make everything with wood.” The company has been in business for six generations. Today, it is a family business managed by Karla Steinbach. They have a number of products on offer, including the classic nutcrackers as well as a plethora of novelty products.

Twirly Spinner

During the Christmas season it’s hard to ignore the classic spinner ornaments of the past. Those spinners are a family heirloom and a quiet and calming way to decorate the tree. They are also the best ornament to show off your own handmade ornaments. And when it comes to spinners, there’s the old adage: “You can’t buy a nice Christmas tree without one.” Luckily, there are now ornament twirlers that can add a little holiday motion to your tree.

One of the first companies to make a spinner ornament was the Plakie Toy Co. The company sold its twirlers for a few years in the 1980s and 1990s. It was a relatively small business, but despite its brief existence it managed to sell millions of its spinning ornaments.

Eddie Funko Pop

Whether you’re a fan of Van Halen or not, you might be interested in collecting the new Eddie Funko Pop van Halen Christmas ornament. This figure is 3.75 inches tall, and is made of vinyl. It comes packaged in a window display box. It has Eddie standing on a stand that’s removable and can be hung by a ribbon or string. The stand doesn’t hurt Eddie’s look.

The figure depicts Eddie Van Halen with his signature Frankenstrat and red handkerchief tied around his neck. He’s wearing a white sleeveless shirt and blue jeans. His eyes are open and he’s got a grin on his face. He’s holding a red, white, and black patterned Frankenstrat. This figure is one of a number of new metal-themed figurines that have been released by Funko. Other figures include John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, Pearl Jam, and Aerosmith.

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