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Vicki Grunseth and Her Husband Jon Rieder Grunseth

Grunseth was running for governor of Minnesota in 1990 when allegations surfaced of him swimming nude with teenage girls at pool parties between 1981 and 1990. Two women now adults filed affidavits asserting that Grunseth encouraged them to go nude at these parties.

Allegations against him nearly forced him out of the race, eventually withdrawing nine days prior to election day and state auditor Arne Carlson winning as a write-in candidate.

Early Life and Education

Vicki Grunseth stands out as a forceful woman of Minnesota. She endured one of the state’s worst political humiliations when her husband’s 1990 gubernatorial bid ended abruptly amidst an elaborate sexual scandal.

During his campaign, several young women came forward alleging that Grunseth had intermitted affairs with them when they were teenagers; he denied these claims. Taylor stated she and Grunseth began an intimate relationship in 1980 before his first wife died and continued until he divorced her and married his second spouse in 1984.

Arne Carlson, who finished second in the primary, appears likely to replace Grunseth on the ballot; however, his official appointment has yet to be determined by the party’s central committee.

Professional Career

Grunseth’s political career was thrust into disarray on Oct. 15, when reports surfaced of two women filing sworn statements alleging he attempted to coax them to swim nude with him at a pool party nine years prior, when they were teenaged girls. Grunseth has denied these allegations while reports surfaced of an intermittent sexual relationship between himself and Tamara Taylor while still married – something his campaign was further compromised by.

Personal Life

Jon Rieder Grunseth managed to overcome a sexual scandal that threatened to dismantle his 1990 gubernatorial campaign and marry Vicki Tigwell in 1994, living together in Barnes Bay Tasmania where they run their cherry growing operation.

The Grunseths have long been recognized for their generous giving and support of the arts, but in recent years their family has become more discreet.

Independent-Republican nominee for governor was embroiled in controversy during his bid for governor due to claims from two women that he attempted to persuade them to swim nude with him at a pool party in 1981. One woman claimed Grunseth pulled down her bathing suit strap and touched her breast; Taylor later told the Star Tribune they had intermittently slept together from 1980-1989 but their affair ended before Grunseth married his second wife in 1984.

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