Was Kayla Berg Ever Found 2022

How Was Kayla Berg Ever Found?

Earlier this year, the family of Kayla Berg, a young woman who went missing in 2022, announced that they are reopening the search for her. But, how can the family be sure that she is not still alive?

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Kevin berg was charged with reckless endangerment

Despite several investigations and tips received, Kayla Berg has never been found. She was fifteen years old when she disappeared from her home in Antigo, Wisconsin. Her family did not immediately report her missing. Instead, they thought she was at her dad’s house.

A friend saw Kayla at McDonald’s on August 11 and reported that she was there with her boyfriend. The couple often had large house parties. Beth told her that Kevin was going to smoke weed and Kayla would call her later. She also said that Kevin and Kayla were planning to drive around.

According to the records, the pair had been talking before Kevin picked up Kayla. Kevin’s cellphone was shut off or died around nine o’clock, but was not used until two hours later at 2:00 a.m. This was the first time it had been used since the night she went missing.

When Kevin dropped Kayla off, he said that the lights at the house were off. He told her that he would be taking her to another friend’s house. He said Kayla directed him to Miguel’s house. However, the house didn’t look like it was occupied, and there were no lights in the house.

Kevin berg’s relationship with Miguel Marrero

Several years after Kayla Berg disappeared, her family and friends haven’t found her. Kevin Kielcheski, a friend of her brother’s, is said to have been her last confirmed person to see her. But despite Kevin’s efforts to derail the investigation, his name has become synonymous with the case.

Kevin acted as an ad hoc “older brother” for Kayla. His role was accepted by Kayla’s family. He gave her a ride to her brother’s house, East Wausau Avenue. And he lent her an old cellphone to call her sister. But no one else knew about Kayla’s plans.

A few months after her disappearance, Kayla’s mother called the police, claiming that Kayla hadn’t returned home. But the house looked empty. The next day, Kevin drove Kayla to the home of her former boyfriend, Miguel Marrero, in Wausau.

The house was a condemned property. The police performed a grid search of the property and found no one. The house was about 35 miles from Antigo. They also searched the surrounding wooded area. However, they could not explain the “spots” found in Kevin’s car.

Kayla’s new living situation led to her disappearance

During the fall and winter of 2022, the disappearance of Kayla Montgomery and her family in New Hampshire sparked rumors. The girl’s father was never charged with her disappearance. Her mother had recently moved back to Antigo, Wisconsin, from Texas, and her family was separated between two households. Kayla’s boyfriend was considered a person of interest. There was speculation that Kayla was hiding with Miguel. However, police were unable to find any proof of hiding.

Investigators are now focusing on time between November and December. Kayla’s boyfriend was not involved in her disappearance, and her father is not charged with her disappearance. There is a possibility that Kayla overdosed, and her body was disposed of.

Kayla’s family never knew where she was. They thought she was living with her father or grandparents. Her mother had just moved back to Antigo, Wisconsin, a week before her disappearance.

Kevin Kielcheski was one of Kayla’s friends. He often drove her around. He picked Kayla up from her father’s house in Goffstown at 8:30 p.m., and drove her to his house in Wausau. He dropped her off at a house with no lights. She did not return home that night.

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