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Wendell Daniels Net Worth

Wendell Daniels is an internal medicine specialist practicing in Longview, TX at CHRISTUS Good Shepherd Medical Center – Longview. He accepts multiple insurance plans and was educated at BAYLOR UNIVERSITY.

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Early Life and Education

As an author, Daniels authored numerous renowned paperback academic books about Russian and Soviet politics during the height of Cold War. His scholarship is known for its breadth and depth of knowledge, superb research techniques, acute observations, and elegant prose.

After retiring, his interests turned toward studying contemporary Russian politics and society, including The Dynamics of Soviet Politics (1976) and Russia’s Transformation: Snapshots of a Crumbling System (1998).

At Purdue University, Daniels made land conservation a top priority, protecting thousands of acres of wildlife habitat. For his efforts he received numerous awards and recognition; additionally he is also devoted to his family; Gwendolyn and Carol are two devoted daughters while John and Lia Bullock as well as great grandniece Elle Jewell Edens remain part of his circle of love.

Professional Career

Wendell Daniels had an accomplished professional baseball career, playing for several different teams across two decades and winning 36 out of 33 contests to pitch over 552 innings of baseball.

Wendell Daniels is known for both his baseball skills and writing as well as being an author and historian. He has published seven books covering Russian and Soviet politics that have received critical acclaim due to their depth of knowledge, impeccable research methods and acute insights.

He was also an active politician, serving as state senator in Vermont from 1973 to 1982 and sitting on various Senate committees related to fiscal affairs and government operations.

He currently heads WENFEL BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, which offers various debt collection and skip tracing functions to businesses. In his personal life, Wendell has two children: Dakota and Wyatt who share many of his superstitious practices.

Achievement and Honors

Daniels was widely respected as both a teacher and scholar for his rigor and knowledge base. Among others, he challenged Cold War myths regarding Soviet history while simultaneously becoming an authority on Russian and Soviet political systems.

He published numerous works, such as his study of Soviet India political systems and his textbook of Russian literature. Additionally, he edited a history of UVM for its centennial celebrations and received both an honorary LLD in 1982 as well as the University Scholar award from UVM in 1994.

Tufts University annually honors hundreds of graduate and undergraduate students with departmental awards sponsored by generous donors and dedicated faculty members. Recipients are honored at an Academic Awards ceremony during Honors Convocation each spring.

Personal Life

He had an extraordinary fertile mind with diverse interests that extended far beyond Russian studies; his knowledge extended so far that he was capable of reading Norwegian poems written in Nynorsk (an artificial poetic language meant to appear archaic to Norwegian ears). From 1973 until 1982 he served in Vermont’s legislature as senator from Chittenden County.

He established the Area and International Studies program; established the Vermont Center for Research; and chaired the History Department during his time with UVM.

His family includes Alice; Wendell and Raymond (his sons); Carol, their daughter-in-law; grandchildren John Bullock III and Lia Daniels; great-grandnephews Gwendolyn Boulware and Elle Jewell Edens; nieces Joan Snowden, Dorothy Sneed and Lola S. Daniels as well as other family members.

Net Worth

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