Werner Vogels Net Worth

Werner Vogels net worth is renowned as a successful Businessman. Known for helping young companies to reach global scale, and for rapidly transforming enterprises into digital-savvy organizations.

Vogels has previously predicted a surge in smart energy usage, more intelligent supply chains, and the adoption of virtual reality simulated worlds as mainstream.

Early Life and Education

Werner Vogels stands out among tech speakers by not following in the same footsteps as many of them; instead of starting his first company at age 13, or becoming a computer genius in his teens – instead he began his career taking X-rays at a cancer research institute as an radiology technician.

After his mandatory military service was complete, Vogels attended university to study radiology as both diagnostics and therapy. From 1979 until 1985 he worked at Antoni van Leeuwenhoekziekenhuis part of Netherlands Cancer Institute.

Vogels first joined Amazon in 2004, serving as its Chief Technology Officer ever since. As such, he oversees technology innovation at the company and regularly shares his thoughts on trending topics via his blog All Things Distributed. With an in-depth knowledge of how technology is impacting society today and speaks about this matter before corporate audiences.

Professional Career

Werner Vogels is responsible for overseeing Amazon’s technical infrastructure as Vice President and Chief Technology Officer. A frequent speaker at technology conferences, he promotes AWS to customers.

He earned degrees at The Hague University of Applied Sciences and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in the Netherlands under Andy Tanenbaum and Henri Bal. Following graduation, he joined INESC Lisbon before continuing as a research scientist at Cornell University’s computer science department until 2004 conducting studies of scalable enterprise systems.

In 2004, he joined Amazon as Director of System Research before later becoming Chief Technology Officer and Vice President in 2005. Dynamo, Amazon’s storage engine that powers their shopping cart is widely credited as being created under his watch.

Achievement and Honors

Werner Vogels is an award-winning speaker renowned for his expertise in technology business. His extensive knowledge of scalable, sustainable digital company models makes him a valuable presenter to corporate audiences.

Vogels studied computer science at The Hague University of Applied Sciences before receiving his Ph.D from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam under Henri Bal and Andy Tanenbaum’s tutelage at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands. Following this he spent 10 years as a research scientist at Cornell University working on scalable enterprise systems before co-founding Reliable Network Solutions as well in 1997.

Joining Amazon as director of systems research in 2004, he was promoted to chief technology officer in January 2005 and then vice president within 3 months. Furthermore, in addition to his work for Amazon he is an active investor in sports teams such as Boston Red Sox and Liverpool FC.

Personal Life

Werner Vogels is a successful businessman. He amassed his fortune as the Director of Systems Research for Amazon.com.

He is also a sought-after speaker at various corporate events and is famous for his talks on technology and cloud computing.

Born and educated in the Netherlands, he graduated with degrees from Hague University of Applied Sciences and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. As an author on fault-tolerant distributed systems he published many conference and journal articles; also founding Reliable Network Solutions which developed patentable network and multicasting technologies.

He is married to his wife and keeps his personal life private, along with raising their two children together. Additionally, he enjoys golf and traveling as well as music concerts he has attended over time.

Net Worth

Werner Vogels earned an estimated net worth of between $1-5 Million as Director of Systems Research for Amazon and is widely sought-after as a speaker at various technology events.

He has published numerous conference and journal articles on distributed system technologies for enterprise computing systems. Additionally, he founded Reliable Network Solutions which developed patent multicast and network-based resource monitoring systems.

He is married to Lisa and together they share one daughter named Rachel. Although his private life remains relatively confidential, renowned technologist Larry is an avid Boston Red Sox fan who owns more than 10% of Fenway Sports Group which oversees both his favorite team as well as Liverpool FC. They reside together in Massachusetts.

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