What Do Both To My Dear Loving Husband

What Do Both of Us Do to Each Other?

Having a husband who is my best friend and lover is truly amazing, but sometimes I wonder what do both of us do to each other? Is there anything that we can do to keep our relationship strong and happy? Is there a way to make our relationship even more romantic and exciting?


‘To My Dear and Loving Husband’ is a poem written by Anne Bradstreet, the first woman to publish poetry in the United States. It is a twelve line poem with a rhyme scheme of AA BB CC DD. It is one of the best poems about love and marriage written by a woman. The poem is often read during weddings and funerals.

Anne Bradstreet, who is the most famous female poet to ever write poetry in America, wrote the poem in 1776. The poem is not only a celebration of love, but it also puts the hope of a happy afterlife into perspective. In addition to being the first woman to publish literature in the United States, Anne Bradstreet was a Puritan, meaning she believed in the Bible as the ultimate authority on matters of faith.

Formal patterns

‘To My Dear and Loving Husband’ is a brief, twelve line poem written by Anne Bradstreet, the first woman to publish poetry in the United States. In this short poem, Bradstreet uses a regular rhyme scheme to express her devotion to her husband. Although the poem is relatively simple, there are several noteworthy points to be made.

The most important point to make is that the poem demonstrates a deep love and respect for the man who holds the family keys. This sentiment is expressed in the poem’s most eloquent line. In this line, Bradstreet shows her love for her husband with a dash of eloquence. The poem is a tad less tame than some might expect.

The poem is notable for its rhyme scheme, its use of the closed couplet form, and its usage of the trifecta. The poem also boasts a number of other clever and clever rhymes, including the poem’s title.


‘To My Dear and Loving Husband’ is a poem written by Anne Bradstreet, a Puritan poet and the first woman to publish poetry in America. The poem is addressed to her husband Simon Bradstreet. It is written in twelve lines and uses a regular rhyme scheme. It also has an anaphora which emphasizes love between the speaker and her husband.

The poem also uses a couplet form. A couplet is a form of poetry that is used to discuss important issues. The poem is written in iambic pentameter, with six rhyming couplets. The first three lines of the poem use anaphora. This is a technique where the word “if” is repeated at the beginning of successive lines to create rhythm and emphasis.

Bradstreet’s poem uses anaphora to create a sense of pattern and to emphasize the point being made. In the first couplet, the speaker says that she will compare her feelings to mines of gold. This indicates that her emotions are stronger than gold.


‘To my dear loving husband’ is a poem by the American poet Anne Bradstreet. It is a twelve-line poem that is a variant of the Shakespearean sonnet. It is written in iambic pentameter and is composed of six rhyming couplets.

The poem is about the intense love that a woman has for her husband. She says that the greatest desire she has is to share in his love. She believes that her husband is so precious that she cannot recompense him. She also says that she hopes to be reunited with her husband in Heaven. She says that she hopes her husband will turn his eyes Heavenward. She expects that she will be rewarded for her love with her husband in Heaven.

Bradstreet’s poem presents the relationship between a man and his wife as a unifying, spiritual, and unbreakable bond. She believes that her husband’s love is so powerful that it will outlast death.


Among the many literary devices used in the poem “To My Dear and Loving Husband” by Anne Bradstreet is hyperbole. Hyperbole is a rhetorical device that helps the speaker express feelings by using a statement that overstates a subject, usually by exaggerating its qualities. Hyperbole is a form of extreme exaggeration. In this poem, the speaker uses a hyperbole to describe her relationship with her husband.

In the poem, the speaker compares marriages with the ideal of mutual love. The speaker believes that love is important for relationships, as it has an effect in this life as well as the afterlife.

Hyperbole is not always a bad thing. It can help express a feeling of despair by exaggerating a subject. Hyperbole is commonly used in Renaissance love poetry, particularly by male poets who want to describe women in idealized terms. Hyperbole is also used in poetry from other periods. Its origins are in Ancient Greek and Latin.

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