What Does Deja Tu Huella Mean In English

What Does Deja Tu Huella Mean in English?

Earlier this year, internationally renowned Latin superstar Bad Bunny and Cheetos teamed up for the third time in as many years to launch the Deja tu Huella. The brainchild of Bad Bunny’s Good Bunny Foundation, the Deja tu Huella is a multi-platform campaign that is expected to be a big winner with the target demographic. In addition to the usual suspects, Cheetos has also enlisted the help of Adidas to produce a slick fashion collection fit for a queen. In fact, Bad Bunny has already gotten in on the act, writing the billboard sized song “Afilando Los Cuchillos” which was produced in partnership with fellow Latino superstar Trey Songz.

The Deja tu Huella is merely the latest incarnation of the Cheetos Estudiante Fund. For the uninitiated, the Deja tu Huella (not to be confused with the cheesy octopus shaped can of chili-flavored beans) is a charitable giving program that has a long list of beneficiaries. One of the more interesting initiatives is the Cheetos Deja tu-U-la-la, a fun and informative web portal where fans can participate in a variety of fun and games, such as video trivia, a daily “slam-dunk” competition and a social media platform that encourages community philanthropy. Interestingly, the Deja tu-U-la-la is not merely a social media platform, but also a multi-platform marketing initiative that will be rolled out throughout the year. In fact, the Deja tu-U-la-la has its own Twitter account. The hashtag is #DejaTuLaLaLaLa and is currently being tapped by a handful of Cheetos brand ambassadors, including former rap studs Trey Songz and Jesse & Joy.

The Cheetos Deja tu-U-la-la campaign also has a few fun and games of its own, namely a social media contest with a cash prize of a few thousand dollars. The contest runs from August 22 to September 16, and the prizes will be awarded to the winners via an online voting process. The Deja tu-U-la-la, oh, a-la-la is certainly a worthy successor to the venerable Cheetos Estudiante Fund. And that’s not all, the Deja tu-U-la-la also has the distinction of being the official sponsor of the Billboard Music Awards for the next three years. With such a marquee status, it’s no wonder the Deja tu-U-la-la makes the cut for the Billboard’s biggest hitters list.

In addition to the aforementioned Deja tu-U-la-la, Bad Bunny and Cheetos are on the way to a new acclaim in the next few years. The aforementioned Deja tu-U-la-la will have its fair share of blunders, but with such a star-studded line up, the next few years are sure to be an absolute blast.

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