What Is A Mcdonalds Grimace Float

What is a McDonald’s Grimace Float?

The latest offering from McDonald’s USA, Camp McDonald’s, is touted as the brand’s most ambitious in-app promotional effort to date. It features 27 days of exclusive programs, free meals and merchandise collaborations. As the company’s social media channels indicate, there are many reasons why customers should take a peek at the latest campaign. One of the most noteworthy is that it isn’t actually a real camp; instead, it is a virtual reality experience hosted in the brand’s app. This isn’t your average summer time camp: the offerings include virtual concerts and concert performances by artists like Kid Cudi, Kid Cudi, and Kid Cudi. And, of course, there are the traditional food and beverage offers, from the mac n’ cheese burger to the McFlurry.

One of the first things you’ll notice about Camp McDonald’s is that the menu items are served in special packaging. That may sound like a marketing ploy, but it’s actually a pretty cool concept. For instance, the hamburgers you’ll be enjoying are smaller in size than the advertised. Similarly, the frozen custard sundaes and the other ice cream based beverages will be topped off with special, cold cups. These are some of the first examples of the brand’s new calorie conscious offerings.

As of July 11, McDonald’s has been teasing customers with its latest camp-themed merch offer. On July 19, the brand will drop a retro Grimace pool float in the form of a gimmick, one that’s so slick, the company is putting the word “surprising” into the fine print. Unfortunately, the float is not available in the actual camp. But, the good news is, you can buy a replica for about half the price, or so the company claims.

While the pool float is out of the picture, the company’s other smarmy tidbits of wisdom are still in play. For example, on July 30, Big Macs will be just $2. And, on the same day, Chicken McNuggets will be just $5. You can also score a FREE Ma(r)ket (the fanciest of all McDonald’s specials) on July 27, which is a great way to stock up on your favorite fast-food snack.

Other gimmicks include a special “save the date” mobile ordering feature, and the “free” McFlurry if you buy a McFlurry and a cookie. Considering the competition in the fast food arena, McDonald’s is going all out to keep customers happy. If you haven’t signed up for Camp McDonald’s yet, do it! Hopefully, it all boils down to a memorable summer experience. Whether or not that will happen remains to be seen. With the launch of the aforementioned camp-themed merch, you’ll have a slew of reasons to visit the restaurant this summer.

To find out for yourself, download the McDonald’s App, and get ready to have a grand time.

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