Wilted Rose Drawing

How to Do a Wilted Rose Drawing

When you draw a wilted rose, there are several details you should pay attention to. The center petal is a small spiral and there are two large petals at the bottom of the flower. Both of these petals have scalloped wavy lines at the bottom. A leaf with a central vein is also present on the stem. The small leaves at the base of the flower are called sepals. Sepals are pairs of curved lines that meet at a point and cross over each other. Those lines will give you an idea of how the petal is laid out and how it falls from the rose.

Another great idea for a wilted rose drawing is to include some real roses in the picture. This will give the image more life and contrast. You can also use other dead flowers to create an interesting contrast. Living roses are often available online or in your yard. These will give you a great canvas to play with.

Aside from flowers, you can also purchase an art print of a wilted rose. This type of art print will look beautiful on your walls. They are printed on 100% cotton watercolour textured paper. They would look great in a gallery. If you are looking for more flower drawing tutorials, click here.

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