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Jahseh Onfroy was only 20 when XXXTentacion was gunned down on June 18, 2018, in Florida, having already amassed an enormous fortune.

He signed an album deal worth $6 Million with Capitol Records/Caroline in October 2017, only to terminate it later on.

Early Life and Education

Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, more commonly known by his stage name XXXTentacion was an American rapper and singer renowned for his unique sound and tragic death, shrouded by controversy. Although short in life span, his legacy left a large following behind.

Before his death, Aiden Onfroy was planning on enrolling at community college to obtain his GED. Though unmarried and never married, he had two siblings named Aiden and Arianna Drew Onfroy whom he frequently spent time with and was particularly passionate about music and sports; especially listening to it during times of distress.

XXXTentacion was an avid philanthropist who would give away money and food to help the less fortunate. Additionally, he loved volunteering his time at animal shelters.

Professional Career

XXXTentacion was an American rapper and singer-songwriter who left an indelible mark despite his short career. His music covered topics like depression and social alienation, garnering him a large fan base. Furthermore, his diverse musical style could switch seamlessly between genres like emo rap and trap music.

He started his musical career in 2013 by uploading songs to SoundCloud under his stage name of XXXTentacion. Soon thereafter, his single “Look at Me” gained widespread notice before going on to release numerous more songs and mixtapes.

His 2017 debut album 17 was met with critical acclaim and reached the top of several charts, in addition to earning money through merchandise sales and other ventures. At his death he had amassed over 11 million followers on Instagram alone.

Achievement and Honors

XXXTentacion was an esteemed rapper and singer with an extensive discography that encompassed hip hop, rock and emo elements that resonated deeply with his fans.

He released four albums during his brief career, all of which charted on the Billboard 200 chart and earned him an American Music Award win in 2018.

He was known for his violent behavior and multiple small and major controversies throughout his life, such as with Geneva Ayala (ex-girlfriend). This affair caused the greatest stir.

After his death, XXXTentacion’s estate released posthumous albums and merchandise which contributed to its earnings; additionally royalties from his music videos contributed further. Furthermore, his music won numerous awards and nominations during this time.

Personal Life

Though XXXTentacion had an unfavorable public perception, his music still reached many listeners and sold millions of albums worldwide.

XXXTentacion lived an eventful life that was marred by violence and legal issues. He was accused of assaulting concertgoer in June 2017 and initiating a stabbing incident in October 2016. Additionally, domestic abuse charges such as aggravated battery on pregnant woman, false imprisonment witness tampering and strangulation against him were being considered against him.

Regardless, he was still able to amass an impressive fortune for himself. He purchased himself a beautiful mansion in Parkland, Florida as well as owning several additional properties within Florida. Additionally, he participated in an interview with No Jumper podcast.

Net Worth

Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, popularly known by his stage name XXXTentacion, was an American rapper and singer-songwriter known as one of the pioneers of emo rap and SoundCloud rap genres. XXXTentacion gained widespread acclaim due to his musical talent and controversial lifestyle; upon his death he had amassed an impressive net worth via record sales, live performances, investments, merchandise sales and real estate holdings among others.

XXXTentacion owned a luxurious mansion in Parkland, Florida which was being renovated at the time of his death; construction crews were busy installing security fencing around it. He had also purchased multiple properties for family members such as his mother (one worth an estimated $3.4 million) as well as creating his son, Gekyume Onfroy who was born shortly after XXXTentacion passed away.

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