Yei Daniels

Yei Daniels and John Daniels’ Life Was Turned upside Down in a Terrible Incident

John Daniels and Yei were living a happy, carefree lifestyle until an act of violence transformed their lives irrevocably on December 30, 2009. Two men forced entry into their home and stole two small children before fleeing with all that they had stolen on that fateful night.

Police investigatedd the crime scene and discovered fingerprints belonging to Brock McNeil at it. Additionally, they determined that the duct tape used to tie victims together contained male DNA samples that may have come from Brock himself.

Early Life and Education

John Daniels and Yei had a blissful life until Christmas and New Year’s celebration turned tragic when two home invaders raided their house and stole their Christmas presents, as documented in Episode 6 of Home Alone entitled ‘The Men Who Stole Christmas, which aired on Discovery channel in 2018.

Once they had secured the cash, the robbers took Yei and her children back into the kitchen where they tied them with conduit tape. One thief took a key for Yei’s car while another tortured John’s leg by cutting him.

Police performed a comprehensive examination of the crime scene and were able to recover an unfamiliar male DNA sample from channel tape used to tie victims together, which contained one finger impression identified as belonging to Brock McNeil.

Professional Career

John and Yei Daniels’ lives were turned upside-down on December 30, 2009. What started off as an idyllic Christmas and New Year’s celebration turned into an ordeal when two attackers invaded their residence and disrupted it with violence. This episode 6 of Home Alone from Discovery called “The Men Who Stole Christmas”, airing in 2018 was dedicated entirely to this horrific event and its fallout.

Yei testified that she remembered one of the home invaders even six years later, leading police to Brock McNeil, 35-years old at that time, whom they charged with aggravated robbery for threatening and attacking Yei while taking her money from her purse. McNeil is currently on trial in Beaumont without bail and expected to be sentenced by next month.

Personal Life

John Daniels and Yei led an enjoyable life until an unthinkable incident transpired: two intruders infiltrated their home during Christmas and New Year celebrations and terrorized everyone within.

These individuals gained entry to John and Yei Daniels’ home by ringing their doorbell and forcing themselves inside when Yei answered it, demanding money. John was severely stabbed while Yei was shot in the back as she attempted to escape through her kitchen door; both are currently paralyzed as a result of this attack.

Police conducted a detailed examination of the crime scene and were able to recover a male DNA sample from the duct tape used to tie victims together, and identify an identifiable fingerprint belonging to Brock McNeil from this tape.

Net Worth

John and Yei Daniels’ lives were turned upside-down on December 30th 2009 during an appalling incident that unfolded at home during their Christmas and New Year celebration. Home intruders attacked them, the event documented on episode 6 of Discovery series Home Alone: The Men Who Stole Christmas by Natasha Burnett playing Yei Daniels on that show.

Yei managed to escape through her kitchen window but was shot in the back, becoming paralyzed from her waist down. As a result, she was forced to quit her job and struggled financially while seeking therapy services. Today she lives with John and their two children – their exact age difference remains unknown though it doesn’t appear significant.

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