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Ferrari’s Yellow F40 Shows It Can Do More Than Just Scream Around the Track

When one thinks of Ferrari, red is often the first color that springs to mind. But this Yellow F40 proves that Italian marque can do more than just speed around tracks.

Hagerty insures more than half of F40s owned by Generation Xers who were children when the car first hit showrooms in 1987, so it should come as no surprise that these young collectors are spending their hard-earned cash on an F40.

Early Life and Education

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Though comparatively narrow in appearance, the Yellow Bird packs plenty of power under its hood. Boasting 500 horsepower, it remains the fastest classic car ever created and still amazes people to this day.

Although many F40s remain stored away in climate-controlled garages, some owners choose to let their F40s enjoy the open road from time to time. As seen in this video clip, one such car was driven for only seconds before its owner decided to stop, without damaging its precious bodywork in any way. Later restored back to original state as part of a private collection.

Professional Career

The Yellow Bird is one of the most striking and fastest cars ever built. Although it appears innocent at first glance, with its narrow body and bright yellow color scheme, appearances can be misleading; under its hood lies 500 horsepower that propels this classic vehicle to reach 213 mph; it remains one of the fastest classic cars ever to exist – truly legendary within automotive culture! It remains an unforgettable dream machine for car enthusiasts today and remains a source of fascination to many enthusiasts even today.

Personal Life

Mattel introduced its yellow version of Hot Wheels die-cast cars in 1989 and it immediately became a favorite with collectors and enthusiasts. Even today it remains popular and considered essential among die-cast model fans.

Ruf CTR, more commonly known as the Yellow Bird, is one of the fastest classic cars ever created. Although its narrow body may seem harmless at first glance, its powerful racing engine produces over 500 hp!

The Yellow Bird currently belongs to an anonymous private collector and has made an appearance on Jay Leno’s Garage. Its goal is to complete his Big Five Ferrari collection by adding red and yellow F40 models.

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